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Shinya Hasegawa, designer of Battenwear A.K.A. The adventurer of vintage wear.


To welcome the arrival of the BATTENWEAR SS21 season, we decided to talk to you about founder and designer Shinya Hasegawa to learn more about his story, what inspires him in his daily life and of course, our selection for this new summer.

Shinya Hasegawa, an animated design

No, here we are not going to talk about the manga character designer, Shinya Hasegawa, but about the creator of the favorite brand of all nostalgic adventurers, Battenwear.


Despite the fact that he also has a good pencil stroke, our Shinya Hasegawa is above all an explorer. Between The Big Apple, the wilderness, and the ocean, this designer can’t stay in place. His passion for surfing and traveling, combined with a long experience in the New York fashion industry, has given him a unique approach to clothing design.

Our young Tokyo native landed in New York to complete his studies at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). Specializing in marketing, the designer did not yet consider himself a creator, only a vintage sportswear addict. A passion that will bring him a decisive meeting in his career with Daiki Suzuki, from Engineered Garments.

Daiki decided to pick up Shinya and hired him as an assistant designer at Woolrich Woolen Mills where he also met Mark McNairy. These designers became his mentors and taught him the basics of textile design and the keys to a successful vintage wear.

When Shinya started working on a new project, his mentors encouraged him to create his own brand. Faced with the mountain he had to climb, the adventurer took it easy. Shinya was full of inspiration, but was afraid of failure.He decided to create for himself first, thinking that, at worst, he would have a personalized wardrobe.

The american label expedition began in 2011, in the heart of Brooklyn. Between urbex and rock climbing, the brand has never stopped and never ceases to progress on the steep and hostile walls of the textile. Now the logo with the big rocks travels around the world and does not seem ready to stop anytime soon.

A brand inspired by everyday life.

Between books, nature, movies, or a person he meets in the subway, Shinya‘s sources of inspiration are everywhere. But the most important influence of the US company is his own experiences. The designer designs what he intends to wear, and likes to discover that he shares his tastes with his customers.

Every morning before work Shinya finds serenity on his surfboard in Rockaway Beach. Passionate about this discipline and respectful of its values, it occupies a weighty place in his universe and his creative process. When the designer is in the middle of the waves, he can clear his mind and appreciate the present moment.

A kind of meditation, or self-hypnosis where memories and experiences mix to finally bring him the unique idea.

It is from surfing and his love for nature that his passion for outdoor equipment comes. He thinks and reinvents his personal equipment with a different perspective. While functional for his exploratory travels, he also wants his gear to be suitable for everyday use. Indeed, Shinya is never safe from leaving on a whim. So he finds a balance between function, aesthetics and materials.

Having had a great mentor in vintage wear, the identity of the US label is also marked by the influence of Daiki Suzuki. Not so much in form, but in substance.

At his side, Shinya learned to deconstruct and transcribe the best of vintage clothing. He finds his inspiration by tracing the history of sportswear brands. He examines their evolution buried under a pile of clothes that he understands as a library of holy texts. Through their seams, he discovers the origin of their successes and mistakes.

Shinya Hasegawa, vintage bargain hunter.

Shinya has a small preference for parkas and anoraks. But he collects everything that is close to old mountain gear. Especially the class 5 items from the 70s and 80s. For inspiration, he also hunts down old brand catalogs.

The designer bases his love of vintage on the great cultural and artistic change that occurred in the early 60s. The beginning of a constant evolution, overwhelmed with challenges and avant-garde energy with the advent of new materials.


Suddenly, creators were able to move towards new ideas. Exceeded by this technological evolution, many perishable items were born, but in this mass snuck new durable inventions that still make their effect today.

Shinya was passionate about this turning point in surf culture and casual fashion. At that time, everything was being questioned, which brought a new energy to the culture. This energy revolutionized the way clothes were made and worn. Shinya was inspired by the likes of Holubar & Gerry, and the early days of Patagonia.

It is from these inspirations that NYC brand draws its palette of colors and silhouettes, but also its old-school materials from around the world. The company definitely gives off a vintage and functional vibe that exudes the great outdoors of the American continent.

Proudly Made in U.S.

Like many Japanese, Shinya became attached to “made in USA” in high school. Workwear, sportswear and, of course outdoor clothing, he finds a unique quality in these overseas garments. A sort of priority to function over form. This gives them a unique and marked look.

The designer admits that the made in USA is not necessarily a safe bet. But that these are garments that have more soul and character than those manufactured in large quantities. Unlike Made in China, the Made in USA has the quality of evolving with the wearer’s history. It is a less perishable product.

Battenwear clothing, available on our shop, is therefore designed to last. For our designer, a garment must be made to maintain a relationship with the human who wears it. A relationship that improves with each day and each wash.

The designer is also committed to local production to be in direct contact with its producers. He makes it a point of honor to exchange around his freehand drawings and spends a lot of time trying to transmit the aestheticism and quality he is looking for.


It’s important to note that most items are made within a three-block area of the office in Manhattan’s Garment District. This allows Shinya and his staff to keep an eye on production on a daily basis and ensure that it is exactly what they expect.

Our SS21 selection for an adventurous summer.

This year, the label presents a range of totes bags that will be perfect to accompany you during your afternoons tanning at the beach. Designed to be carried by hand or slung over the shoulder, the Packable nylon tote is a rugged ripstop nylon tote that can be easily compacted when not in use.

In a more casual style, you’ll find the Tie’n’dye canvas tote. A pastel colored bag, where you can store all your essentials in one place without getting in over your head. An inside zippered pocket is present to put your most precious items. Faithful to its origins and its inspirations, the brand has not abandoned the small American flag and the “made in USA” which is dear to them.


In this selection reflecting perfectly the love of the japanese designer for the outdoors, all the basics of the label are highlighted. From the team tee with the geometric mountain emblem, to the nylon caps mixing design and practicality, you will find the perfect option for a vintage look on your treks!


From their archival collection, the vintage label pulled an original, whimsical island print for their famous five pocket poplin shirt. The print and Cuban collar add a summery touch that you won’t be disappointed with.