Bisous skateboards

Bisous Skateboards was born in 2017 in Montpellier, France by Théo Monelli and Laurent Pastor. It was in 2017, following their participation in the Man show, that the two partners decided to launch their clothing brand. At the time Théo Monelli knows the fashion industry, as he was working as a manager of the people s rag store in Montpellier, while Laurent Pastor comes from the music industry.

Known for its inspiration from the skateboard culture of the 80s and 90s, the label now offers a wide range of pieces in tribute to those years, we find  T shirt bisous x3, sweatshirts, shirts, shorts, Crewneck cap d agde Navy, socks Black / Pink or Black / Yellow and other caps. We find on our shop the gold bisous x3 tee shirts or the Crewneck cap d'agde Navy. The label has known and continues to develop through a strong identity and a community of riders proudly wearing the colors and accessories of the label.

For the Euro 2020, Bisous Skateboards has collaborated with the label of the Bordeaux trio Rave, to release a capsule of clothing and skatewear accessories. The community of riders of the two brands were able to indulge themselves with original pieces.

Today, the label has already received visits from Japanese, Korean, English and Russian buyers, which suggests an opening of the label in the fashion sector outside France. Nevertheless, you can find a whole range of the Bisous Skateboards brand in our store.

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