Timberland is a brand founded in 1928 by Nathan Swartz. Originally from New Hampshire in the northeastern United States, this brand mainly manufactures outdoor clothing and accessories for men and trekkers in search of freedom. Mainly oriented towards outdoor clothing, the brand specializes in making boots and ankle boots, ideal for a day of hiking or for the Canadian lumberjack in the middle of his work.

Little by little, thanks to their evolution, they naturally moved towards other targets such as the trekker or the lumberjack in search of comfort for their everyday life while hiking or at work. Today, the label no longer produces only boots or other shoes, but offers a wider range with bags, textiles, etc.

Nowadays, Timberland has become a well-known and recognized brand that has been able to adapt to the trends of its environment. Thanks to its influence, but also with its timeless pieces, the brand collaborates today with many ready-to-wear brands. Among them we can think of Aimé Léon Doré for the summer 21 season, Supreme or more recently with Alife. The success of the brand nowadays lies mainly in its shoes with recognizable colors, strong soles and an unbeatable resistance even in the heart of winter. So ditch your Oxford shirts and make room for the outdoor look by combining material play, environment and comfort in any season.

What are the specificities of the label's successful pairs? We will observe them from every angle. First of all the material, the leather being very robust, but also flexible enough to adapt to the foot of the wearer, it will be a great ally during the cold winter temperatures. Secondly, the ease, indeed thanks to the imposing soles and the laces in "rope" the pair assures you a cushioning and a maintenance of the ankle quite simply perfect. And finally the style, although the pairs are imposing thanks to the many colors of the brand allow an effective matching with any outfit, hence their success with men.

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