The Pop Trading Company brand was born in Amsterdam in 2016. Founded by Peter Kolks and Ric van Rest, it has at heart to offer skatewear stamped clothing for adults. In just a few years the Dutch label has become a must on skate culture related clothing and accessories.

In their highlights we can note the Pop Trading Company x Converse Jack Purcell Pro Hi "Miffy" shoes. This collaboration between Pop Trading Company and Converse celebrates the Miffy rabbit, a Dutch-British cartoon character.

Pop Trading Company's FW21 Collection.

For this fall, the label continues its momentum to offer clothing and accessories dedicated to the practice of skateboarding, while remaining in an "adult" perspective that can suit everyone. Sweatshirts, tee shirts, shirts and jackets with the label's logo are the main part of this collection. We find a collaboration with Brian Lotti, artist and skate legend, on the shirts and tee shirts. All clothes are made in quality materials.

Pop Trading Company, the Adult Skatewear.

The clothes dedicated to the practice of skateboarding have evolved well since their beginnings. We return to this style in our blog post "Pop Trading Company, the Adult Skatewear.", crossing this theme with the arrival of the Pop Trading label, which is the right evolution of the skatewear style. We retrace the evolution of skate clothing, from the first historical brands like Converse with Jack Purcell, to the explosion of skate clothing and accessories in the 90s. We then evoke the emergence of the label Pop Trading Company, their philosophy, their logo and their clothes. We put it all together with our looks, made from crewneck sweatshirt, longsleeve tee shirt, and pieces in collaboration with skate legend Brian Lotti. 

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