Polar Skate co is a brand from Sweden and more precisely from Malmö, originally 

The brand was a skate crew founded by the professional skateboarder Pontus Alv, who built his reputation by building original and quality skateboards, which quickly made them rise in popularity. The logo was designed by the creator himself.

Since then, Polar Skate co, has diversified by creating original pieces, using the skateboard culture to realize their designs. Polar Skate co was born in 2011, and since then it has continued to diversify, as much in the range of products it offers which is now very wide as in the patterns used that remain related to skateboarding, but which are singular from each other. In the different clothes they propose, the skate culture appears.

In the shoes, it is for example collaborations with Converse or Carhartt which were made to produce pairs adapted for skaters. If we look at the pants of the brand the cut put forward is the one popularized by the skateboarder Mark Gonzalez in the 90s. To keep the graphics on their t-shirts consistent with the brand, the designer Pontus Alv decided to continue to design them himself, which explains their qualities through time. Moreover, the brand is not satisfied with just making the usual t-shirt with the logo on it all the time, but tries to really innovate with each product.

The brand is particularly known for its minimalist design which is easily found in its pants, t-shirts, parka, hoodie... Polar Skate Co stays close to its initial domain by often collaborating with famous skateboard artists.

Polar Skate Co uses mainly high quality materials for its clothing and accessories. The most common materials used are cotton, polyester and nylon for clothing, and leather and suede for accessories such as shoes and bags. The brand also uses technical materials for some garments, such as Gore-Tex membrane for parkas and jackets.

For skateboarding products, the brand uses quality materials for its decks, such as Canadian wood, birch wood and bamboo wood. The wheels are made of high-density urethane for better wear resistance, and the trucks are made of aluminum for better corrosion resistance. The grip tapes are made with a water-based glue for better adhesion.

About the size of the Polar Skate Co clothing

For the size, it is quite standard, it is important to inquire, because depending on the collection, it may be more or less large and sizes may vary, so it would be better for you to try in store.

From t-shirts to caps and hoodies, Polar Skate Co guarantees high quality

The Flannel Shirt Plum from Polar Skate Co

The Flannel shirt plum from Polar Skate Co is made from a soft embroidered flannel fabric made of 100% cotton. The shirt features brown buttons that mimic the tortoise shell. This shirt is made in Portugal. Its cut is regular, with a standard size, so no worries with this product to have the most suitable product for you.

The Stroke logo hoodie from Polar Skate Co

The Stroke logo hoodie from Polar Skate Co is made from a soft and comfortable cotton fabric. It features the brand's logo printed large on the chest, adding a touch of style to this classic skatewear piece. The adjustable hood and convenient pockets complete the casual look of this hoodie. Made in Portugal, it offers a regular fit with a standard size to fit any body type.

The Cord stroke logo cap from Polar Skate Co

The Cord stroke logo cap from Polar Skate Co is made from a high quality cotton rope fabric. It features the brand's logo embroidered on the front, adding a touch of style to this classic skate cap. The curved visor and adjustable snap closure ensure a perfect fit for all head sizes. Made in Portugal, this cap is a great choice to complement your skateboarding outfit or for casual everyday wear.

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