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Houdini sportswear was founded in Stockholm, Sweden , and offers progressive outdoor clothing . The history of the brand begins in the 80s and 90s , in fact, its creator Lotta Gionofelice...
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Houdini sportswear was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, and offers progressive outdoor clothing.

The history of the brand begins in the 80s and 90s, in fact, its creator Lotta Gionofelice was first an alpine climbing and backcountry skiing instructor. During one of her climbs of Lapiramyde of the retreat in Charmonix, Lotta Gionofelice and her group found themselves in a very dangerous situation in the middle of the mountain, during this situation, someone made a call to Harry Houdini artist famous for his escape, in order to be saved, we are not sure that it is his spirit which is really helped Lotta and her group to escape from this dangerous situation In any case, this appeal to Houdini quickly became a flagship expression of the brand. Already at that time, a woman leading an outdoor clothing brand is really not common, which quickly allowed the brand to differentiate itself from others. Lotta Gionofelice's original intention was to create clothing that could be adapted to the conditions she lived in, so clothing that she really needed.

Houdini Sportwear wants to keep its creations environmentally friendly, which can be understood from its origin.

Indeed, the materials are degradable, therefore good for the environment. Once you know the designer, you can understand why the brand is constantly trying to make things happen, this is related to the fact that Lotta herself is full of determination and does not like to stand still. The brand can now be worn in all conditions but remains essential in the case of icy cold thanks to its padding that guarantees good alpine conditions, which was the initial objective of the designer who wanted the best, even for her own mounts.

About the place of production of the products, they are made in Europe with partners in Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

The brand now has a range of clothing for both men and women. Moreover, it is very diversified by proposing as well jackets as shoes while passing by the socks and all kinds of ski clothes like the pants. 

The opinions on the internet all agree that Houdini sport wear is one of the leaders in ski clothing with very good value for money given the materials used in the design of their products.

Presentation of several products available in our men's wardrobe in store or by delivery

  • M's bouncer jacket Deep sea
  • M's alto half zip Baremark
  • M's dunfri Hazel

M's bouncer jacket Deep sea

The main feature of the Bouncer jacket is its high insulation quality and low weight. This is made possible by the new Primaloft® Insulation Rise padding, a state-of-the-art synthetic padding that provides optimal warmth without bulking. This jacket is equipped with two fabrics. The first, a HardShell that offers total waterproofing and the second, Spinner RipstopTM breathable lightweight and wind resistant. This creates the perfect balance between weather protection and internal microclimate.

In addition, this jacket features an adjustable hood that is hat and helmet compatible, two fleece-lined handwarmer pockets, a hidden chest pocket, and drawcords at the collar and waist.

It also follows Houdini's superior standard for sustainability: recycled and recyclable.

M's alto half zip Baremark

The Alto Halfzip is made from a fabric called Woolly Treemerino™, a warm, stretchy, lightweight Swedish-made fabric. It combines the warmth of merino wool with the technicality of TENCEL™ Lyocel. This piece is made from renewable and degradable materials.

M's dunfri Hazel

This Dunfri model from outwear brand Houdini features PrimaLoft gold technology for warmth gain. The jacket can be stored in a special pocket to save space. A high collar, adjustable hood and quick-drying materials keep you dry and warm. Houdini thinks about the environment and uses only fluorocarbon-free outer materials.

About washing your alpine clothing

Select a "synthetic" wash program at 30° with a maximum spin speed of 800 rpm. If you have a feather ski suit, add 4 tennis balls to the drum. At the end of the first cycle, rinse again and spin to remove all traces of detergent from the feathers.