The Magalhães brothers, António and Manuel, grew up in the family textile mills of northern Portugal, steeped in rich textile tradition. Drawing upon this wealth of experience, they created...
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The Magalhães brothers, António and Manuel, grew up in the family textile mills of northern Portugal, steeped in rich textile tradition. Drawing upon this wealth of experience, they created Portuguese Flannel, a brand that blends authenticity and modernity to bring stylish and original garments to life while respecting traditions.

The Magalhães Brothers: Masters of Portuguese Flannel

Familial Heritage and the Emergence of an Iconic Brand

The year 2013 marked the launch of Portuguese Flannel, a product of the Magalhães brothers' determination. Their textile lineage, tracing back through generations of mill managers in the regions of Porto and Guimarães, grants them a unique legitimacy. The workshops of their childhood shaped their vision and fueled their creativity.

The Birth of a Committed Brand

Social and Cultural Commitment: Authenticity and Innovation

Portuguese Flannel sets itself apart by prioritizing organic materials such as cottonlinenwool, and organic lyocell. This approach reflects their concern for the environment while providing exceptional comfort. This manufacturing technique allows them to:

  • Reduce water consumption.
  • Decrease the use of chemicals.
  • Mitigate plastic use through shirt buttons made from materials like corozo or mother-of-pearl.

Shirt Button Materials

  • Corozo: Also known as "vegetable ivory," corozo is a raw material derived from the seed of a palm tree called Phytelephas. It's often used to make buttons, jewelry, and other crafts due to its hardness, durability, and aesthetic appeal.
  • Mother-of-Pearl: Mother-of-pearl is a hard, shiny, iridescent substance found inside certain mollusk shells, such as oysters and mussels. It consists of thin layers of calcium carbonate and proteins and is used to make pearls and adorn various crafts and jewelry.

The Art of Blending Tradition and Creativity

The key to Portuguese Flannel's success lies in its ability to blend the past with the present. The Magalhães brothers reenvision flannel shirts, a timeless classic, by preserving traditional cuts while incorporating modern and bold patterns.

Familial Mills Shaped Their Destiny

Authenticity and modernity coexist within Portuguese Flannel. A promising and eco-responsible future.

As the spring/summer collection of Portuguese Flannel is now available online, the brand continues its upward trajectory. While declining to open physical stores for now, António Magalhães remains confident in the company's ongoing potential. Portuguese Flannel embodies the successful fusion of tradition and innovation, with special consideration for the future of the environment and fashion. Discover their new collection right here.

Portuguese Flannel: Influence from the Douro Region

The brothers chose to produce all their clothing in their childhood region of Portugal, thus supporting local businesses to maintain and perpetuate the knowledge passed down through their family. Forged over 200 years of tradition, this fabric is a genuine artisan masterpiece. Careful fiber brushing and meticulous polishing form the foundation of its exceptional quality. The undeniable link between Portuguese Flannel and the Douro region infuses rich inspiration into every creation.

International Reach and Recognition

The Magalhães brothers have cleverly strategized to introduce Portuguese Flannel. Their participation in prestigious events like Jacket Required, Man/Woman, and Pitti Uomo allows them to shine on the global stage. Collaboration with renowned agents, including the French agency Linksury, also contributes to their growing success.

Flannel Shirts for Men

Discover the Collection: Elegance and Comfort

Flannel, a soft and comfortable fabric, has become a staple choice for both casual and elegant attire. When seeking high-quality pieces at competitive prices, the brand stands out. With an array of shirts, jackets, pants, and other high-quality fabrics, you're assured of finding options that perfectly match your style and preferences. Each sleeve is meticulously tailored to provide a snug and stylish fit while ensuring optimal freedom of movement. Whether it's long sleeves for warmth and versatility or short sleeves for a casual touch, the shirts from the brand envelop you in a feeling of softness and authenticity with every move.

Flannel: Elegance at Its Best Price

This fabric's popularity has grown due to its soft texture and thermoregulatory properties, making it an ideal choice for all seasons. At Portuguese Flannel, you'll find a range of prices tailored to different budgets, allowing you to enjoy the elegance and comfort of flannel without compromising your wallet.

Flannel Shirts and Pants for Men

Whether for a sophisticated work outfit or a relaxed weekend getaway, Portuguese Flannel's flannel shirts are versatile and stylish. Explore options like the Teca shirt, with its modern design and impeccable finishes, or opt for the classic and timeless look of the Lobo shirt. The collection also offers color variations, including the blue Belavista flannel shirt, providing choices for all tastes.

Men and Women: Products for Everyone

The brand doesn't have products specifically designed for women; however, all women can enjoy the versatility of the items and incorporate them into their wardrobes. The brand's elegant pieces, including jackets and shirts, offer a perfect blend of comfort and modern aesthetics. Women can wear them with ease, adding an authentic touch to their look, or even borrow them from their male friends or partners for a casual and trendy appearance.

Complete Your Look

To complement your top, explore the range of corduroy pants from the brand, including Labura corduroy pants and shirt. Pair them with matching jackets for a complete and stylish ensemble.

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