Converse Rubber Shoes Company of its real name, is a brand created in 1908 by the Marquis Mills Converse in Malden, Massachusetts. Most popular model: the Converse All Star, a shoe created for basketball players and which was successful thanks to the famous basketball player Chuck Taylor who wore them during his games, to the point of being later renamed the Chuck Taylor All Star. Since then, the brand's rising sneakers, made in USA, have stood the test of time, worn by different generations, and have never gone out of style. The converse shoe has stood the test of time and time to become a symbol of the sneakers. In recent years, Converse has been constantly re-releasing its original models such as the Jack Purcel, the Chuck Taylor All Star and the Converse One Star. The famous American brand has succeeded in increasing its notoriety thanks to successful collaborations: like boys, brain dead.

For this Spring/Summer 2020 collection, Converse revisits its One Star classics and the Chuck Taylor All Star. Patterned, checked or plain, there's something for everyone.

How does Converse fit ?

We are often asked the question! How to find the right shoe for you. The sizing of Converse is very particular and can vary according to the models. We will notice for example that the Chuck Taylor 70s are big, you will have to hang ½ 1 size below your usual size.

You can find all the information on the different models of Converse sneakers on our article How does Converse fit ? We're talking about the One Star, the Jack Purcell... with specific examples of sizing. Don't forget to always check your size against the models. This will help you avoid disappointments.

CONVERSE, The story of an icon

As a historical and iconic brand, Converse deserved a more in-depth look at its history. Find a complete article that will allow you to understand the different phases that have made the star brand what it is today.

From its creation in 1908 by the Marquis Mills Converse in Malden to its acquisition by Nike in 2003. The American sports shoe brand has experienced a staggering number of rebounds. One thing is for sure the Chuck Taylor, the One Star, the contribution in the world of basketball and fashion, the collaborations have contributed to the legend. Read the article Converse, The Story of an Icon, to understand how the Massachusetts shoe brand has become one of the biggest sellers of sneakers in the world.

CONVERSE, More than a century of collaborations

Converse has built its reputation on its flagship models, which they have been able to offer in a number of amazing models. In recent years, we have therefore had the opportunity to discover materials and colors games.

To expand their catalogue and create even more historical models, Converse has set up collaborations with major brands from all over the world: Streewear, High Fashion, etc. Each collaboration brings its share of new sneakers that will in some cases become rare and extremely popular. Find all the information on our article Converse, more than a century of collaborations. Small clues... we talk to you about Golf le Fleur, Off-White, China Town Market, Stüssy and many others.

How to wash your Converse ?

Many customers ask us for the best technique to wash their Converse. Once again, we have detailed the different techniques to keep his White Converse white. Read our article How to wash your Converse ? and learn all our tips to stay clean at all times.

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