The origins of the Japanese Edwin> brand go back to 1947. In this post-war era, M. Tsunemi imported used jeans from the United States, which he washed, repaired and sold second-hand. Starting in 1951, after obtaining traditional looms, the company manufactures the first Japanese fabrics. as well as the world's heaviest ringspun denim jeans (16oz), featuring the famous rainbow edge. tricolor (rainbow selvedge), still used today. The first Edwin jeans were made in 1961: it is by playing with the letters of DENIM, and by inverting the M which becomes a W that Tsumeni baptizes his mark. Over the years, he never ceased to put innovation at the forefront, making it a synonymous with authenticity, know-how, and as a precursor of the quality standard of jeans from the Japan. That's when we start to see several stores opening, the machine is set up. The label now does its own weaving and washing, with its own crafts.

What is also due to him is the development of stone washing, which began in the 80s. This innovation allowed Edwin jeans to directly echo ancient times, when Mr. Tsumeni was reclaiming old used jeans. This technique brought an "already worn" effect to the pieces, and above all gave them a unique color, highlighting the Japanese canvases and their exemplary work of clothing.

For the "FROM JAPAN WITH LOVE" season in 2020, the Edwin brand announces its assertive positioning by recalling its history.

This collection is influenced by casual clothes with a desire to go back to basics and classic models like their denim, chinos or their colorful t-shirts made in Japan. We also find a t-shirt with a logo referring to the famous Mount Fuji. Each piece is a little piece of history. A collection from another time, mixing heritage, authenticity and know-how.

Edwin, The Dream Of Japanese Denim

Edwin has been known for decades for the quality and robustness of his denims. The label is not only a reference in jeans today, but also a pioneer who has reinvented and innovated fashion.

The Japanese brand started by repairing jeans, then imported them directly from the United States to sell them locally. It has been able to innovate the ways of weaving, washing and globally producing all types of denims. For more information, find our full article Edwin, the dream of Japanese denim. Straight cut, skinny, slim, high waist, low waist, the collection remains a reference. The Japanese label's range has always remained timeless.

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