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Comme des Garçons Knitwear

Comme des Garçons is a trend laboratory, sometimes confusing, but always different. With its many labels, the brand has become a benchmark for lovers of assertive style who aren't afraid of...
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Comme des Garçons is a trend laboratory, sometimes confusing, but always different. With its many labels, the brand has become a benchmark for lovers of assertive style who aren't afraid of logos, as well as for inveterate minimalists. Democratized by its PLAY sub-label with its emblematic t-shirts, hoodies and the Converse Chuck Taylor branded from the heart, the brand continues to gain ground and convert red logo worshippers.

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In this selection of knitwear for men and women, sweaters, cardigans and sweatshirts feature streamlined silhouettes, often logotyped and sometimes totally crazy. Generally produced in Japan and crafted in luxurious cotton or wool, Comme des Garçons sweaters are a sure bet.

But how do you recognize mesh?

To begin with, the mesh is not woven but knitted. The threads are intertwined, forming small loops. A mesh fabric is thus opposed to warp and weft fabrics, whose threads interweave horizontally and vertically.

The term mesh is often used to refer to sweaters and cardigans, but sweatshirts and tee shirts are also included. It's not always easy to distinguish them from woven pieces. To find out, try stretching the material: unlike woven fabrics, knits are much more stretchy.

It's often said that a coarse-knit product is essential against the cold, and that you have to pay the price. We explain why, and how to recognize its quality.

What does high-end knitwear do and why invest in it?

As with any other garment, quality is a matter of assembly. The way the garment is assembled plays a decisive role. For sweaters, there are two types of assembly:

  • Cut and sewn
  • Fully-fashioned

As the name suggests, cut and sewn involves cutting out the various parts of the piece from a large piece of knit fabric, which is then assembled. The problem with this technique is that it inevitably results in a loss of material.

The fully-fashioned technique, on the other hand, involves knitting the entire piece, so there are no seams. Like the sweater your mother-in-law made you for your birthday, here a sleeve is assembled directly by knitting it to the armhole.

This second technique is the must in terms of quality. It's more elegant, more robust and generates less material waste. Of course, a piece designed using the remaillé technique won't have the same price tag, since it requires more time and know-how.

As always in the world of clothing, nothing is black and white. Cut and sewn is sometimes very practical on large, highly embossed knits, where the remaillage technique would be long and laborious to perfect, while considerably increasing the price.

The final quality criterion is mesh density. In concrete terms, when you look at a piece, you have to ask yourself whether the stitches are tight and whether they look solid or not. If in doubt, go ahead and give it a tug. Putting the material to the test by stretching it slightly won't hurt it, and might just save you a bit of money.

Comme des garçons play Knit sweater

In our selection of sweaters, you'll find masterpieces from the CDG Play collection. Featuring the iconic red heart patch by New York designer Filip Pagowski, these minimalist sweaters are a wardrobe essential for men and women alike. More than a logo or a piece of information, like the Converse Chuck Taylor x CDG play sneakers, these basics are aimed at a style-conscious public eager to affirm its particular attachment to the heart. Available in red, black or white, but also in more sophisticated colors, our selection ranges from cardigans to basic round-necks.

The CDG play label pushes the blurred aesthetic of masculine and feminine motifs with playful accents. For this work, Rei Kawakubo collaborated with many designers such as Christian Marclay. The brand's original prints include Polka dot and sailor stripes in sometimes surprising shades, such as orange, to liven up their usual red, black and white trio.

Like the motifs, the mythical logo changes with the seasons. Stretched, inverted, multiplied or overprinted, the heart of the game is reinvented without ever losing its originality.

Knitwear Comme des Garçons SHIRT

Our selection also includes the Comme des Garçons Shirt knitwear collection. As its name suggests, the Comme des Garçons SHIRT brand uses the traditional man's shirt as a design anchor in true CdG style. Displaying the same idiosyncratic approach to design and attention to detail as the main collection, CdG SHIRT offers an uncompromising vision of fashion.

Here, the red heart gives way to exaggerated cuts, an unusual choice of materials and sometimes worn details, all of which play an important role in CdG SHIRT's aesthetic, transforming what might normally be part of an everyday uniform into a one-of-a-kind work of art. Their knitwear collection is nevertheless distinguished from Rei Kawukubo's usual creations by its assertive minimalism. These clean cuts and the brand's emphasis on wool work give the hoodies and sweaters a more sober, elegant look.

Our tips for choosing your CDG sweater

Despite Comme des Garçons' non-conformist vision, we have 3 tips to check if you've taken the right size for your CdG sweater or cardigan.

To do this, you need to observe the following points:

If your knit is not cut loosely, check that the seams end on the shoulder to avoid yawning when the fibers relax. 2nd point, check that it shapes your silhouette without molding you. Finally, your sleeves should stop at the ulna (wrist bone).

Of course, these tips are only indicative and should be taken with a grain of salt. We all have a little grunge vibe inside us, and a nostalgia for a Kurt Cobain at the top of his game, with a distorted, holey sweater draped over his guitar strings.

How to wear CDG knitwear ?

Whatever your style, you're sure to find the perfect knit. Modular, Comme Des Garçons knitwear can be worn everyday, in the office or at home. For a timeless casual look, pair a cdg play zip-up hoodie with denim and a pair of Converses Chuck Taylor sneakers. Sober and elegant, all that's left is to find the accessories to add a touch of contrast to your outfit.

For your working day, you can rely on Comme des garçons Shirt knitwear. Choose a fine knit with a round collar, or a v-neck for the more daring. It'll keep you warm at the office, but won't make you sweat gallons if Nathalie has been playing with the thermostat again. Wear it over a beige polo to match the color of your chino. An indisputable combination that will allow even the most serious of wearers to wear a pair of sneakers without question.

Cocooning day at home? There's nothing like a cardigan to keep you warm and relaxed. Quick to slip on as soon as you get out of bed, and easy to match with your rags, you'll have no fear of unexpected visitors.

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