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Shinsuke Takizawa is the founder of Neighborhood , founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1994. Several elements and cultures bring inspiration to the brand: the army wardrobe, the vintage biker style, the...
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Shinsuke Takizawa is the founder of Neighborhood, founded in Tokyo, Japan in 1994. Several elements and cultures bring inspiration to the brand: the army wardrobe, the vintage biker style, the workwear and the U.S. crew spirit with the short sleeve shirt bandana pattern and the perfection of Japanese denim, with of course the creations of his neighborhood, his colleagues from A Bathing Ape as well as Hiroshi Fujiwara or Jun Takahashi...

Neighborhood and the art of print pattern

Today, the label is considered one of the most influential brands in the world of Japanese fashion, just like its brother in arms, Undercover. We find the brand through numerous collaborations with big brands, such as Adidas, A Bathing Ape, Cav empt, Vlone or Mastermind, making the reputation of the brand. Each time, the essence of these brands universes is clearly visible in order to create a common vision that offers black tee shirt with a powerful print or the bandana shirt. The vision of inhabitants in the same popular district of Japan, so different and so close at the same time. The philosophy of the Japanese brand is to reinterpret the elements of motorcycle, military, workwear by integrating them into a range of unique and qualitative clothing collection mostly for men and also fashion.

For the new Spring/Summer 2021 season, Neighborhood presents us a brand new clothing collection that is out of the ordinary, with a range of bandana motifs on several major clothing pieces such as black shirt, pants, denim, black tee, bandana jacket and other accessories. The rest of the collection continues to amaze us with its elegance, fashion clothing and street style, inspired by the famous Tokyo designer. For the spring/summer season and as in every season Neighborhood offers a whole series of incense, this year it is the Booze . clt / ce-incense that will be honored. Nowadays, Neighborhood brands has become a classic fashion and street shop in Japan and also worldwide.

Shinsuke Takizawa, Neighborhood, And The Beginnings Of Japanese Streetwear.

The Neighborhood designer has a special place in the brand, like Rei Kawakubo, Jun Takahashi, Yohji Yamamoto, Hiroshi Fujiwara, and many others. Over the years, the designer's creations and clothes have made history and are a testimony to a new vision of fashion brands. Print tee shirt, long sleeve shirt, black hooded jacket... We go back in detail on his origins, in our blog article Shinsuke Takizawa, Neighborhood, And The Beginnings Of Japanese Streetwear. We detail his early influences, his departure from Japan to the UK, as well as the blossoming of the MAJOR FORCE brand, a cornerstone of the era and history of Japanese fashion. And finally we evoke the beginning of the brand, its first clothing with print silk-screen, and the opening of the shop in the middle of Harajuku, in the well known neighborhood. Just like its counterpart of the Undercover crew, Neighborhood, offers many collaborations (with cav empt for example), very popular with the street community in Japan and elsewhere. For some time the Japanese brand, develops many clothing on the patchwork and bandana theme that they decline more and more with different sets of patterns or different colors.