Gitman Bros has been manufacturing men's shirts in the United States since 1948, and is famous for its quality and wide range of styles and fabrics available. The Gitman Bros line consists of shirts reissued from the brand's archives, updated with impeccable manufacturing techniques and finishes. What makes the American label's strength above all is its know-how.

Gitman is one of the few companies to have maintained its entire production in the United States. Each piece is manufactured by highly skilled craftsmen. The company founded by Max Gitman in 1932 manufactured thousands of shirts for the American army. A family business that has been able to survive through the ages while preserving its traditional know-how. 

For the new SS21 season, Gitman is back with its made in USA shirts. The American label has designed “summer” shirts with the Camp shirt collection, and others more sober for spring like the Classic and Zephyr collections.

The Gitman style and look.

Today, Gitman clothing is reminiscent of designer pieces. Adopting a vintage Gitman lifestyle means accepting pieces that will evolve with the seasons and that you can keep for a lifetime. Although a shirt is a dressy piece, it's quite possible to give it a different style, for example a square pattern will give more of an outdoor feel to the piece. To complete a Gitman look think of wearing nice shoes and accessorize the outfit with glasses for example.

History And Style Of Gitman Brothers Shirts.

Gitman is an emblematic brand of men's fashion. A famous house, whose entire production is made in the United States, with raw materials from prestigious European workshops. Through our article "History And Style Of Gitman Brothers Shirts", you will discover the genesis of the label that dates back to 1932 in a post-recession America. We go back to the first steps of Ashland Shirt & Pajama Company, the old name of the brand, from the time when it subcontracted its expertise for very big names, until the end of the 70's when it finally started to produce its own. We also look back at the birth of the vintage division, and evoke what makes the salt of the label, its philosophy.

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