Common projects

Common Projects is a shoes brand based in New York. The Common Projects shoes are simple and classic with clean lines. All the collection is made with premium Italian leather. Their designs allow these sneakers to bring a touch of elegance to your wardrobe. Each shoe is stamped with a number, which makes each piece unique in the collection.

For this new collection we find of course our classics, the Achille and Bball in white and black but not only that, because for this season, the brand reinvents these models through work on the colors of the stem and the sole. Thus we find an entirely Nude Bball (ashy pink) and an Achille Carta (gray taupe).
Next to the traditional Chelsea Boot and its crepe sole, the brand has developed a hybrid model combining the suede stem of Chelsea with a sporty rubber sole reminiscent of the Achilles one. But the real novelty of this collection is a Slip On with impeccable finishes, a premium suede upper and a sports sole.

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