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Common Projects

Common Projects  is a New York shoe brand created by Prathan Poopat and Flavio Girolami. This essential label knew how to seduce its followers with simple and classic designs. Each shoe is...
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Common Projects is a New York shoe brand created by Prathan Poopat and Flavio Girolami. This essential label knew how to seduce its followers with simple and classic designs. Each shoe is distinguished by clean lines and a premium quality finish.

Made in Italy, the collections are halfway between luxury and casual shoes. The brand transcends the sneaker by giving it a high-end look. In addition to selecting quality materials, it does not hesitate to put craftsmanship at the heart of its creative process. As you can see, each pair is hand-made and designed to last.

The genesis of Common Project

Created in 2004 by Flavio Gurolami and Peter Poopat, Common Project has quickly established itself as a reference in the world of soccer clothing. It all started in New York, they both wanted to go further than the traditional sneakers models like the Stan Smith or the Chuck Taylor they were used to see.

The original achilles common projects were born! The whole is declined in several materials binding different inspirations, we will very often see leather canvases, but also suede that works very well with their minimalist design.

The entire collection is made with noble materials, including leather from Italy. Their designs allow these sneakers to bring a touch of elegance to your wardrobe. Each sneaker is stamped with a number of minimalist inspiration, making each piece unique in the collection.

For this new collection FW20, we find of course our classics, the Achilles and the Bball in white and black but not only. For this season, the brand reinvents its inspiration and its models thanks to a work on the colors and on a suede canvas by proposing us sober tones which will know how to make a place in your wardrobe. All the models are of an exemplary elegance.

The Common Projects Original Achilles

Common Projects Original Achilles is part of an approach stripped of superficiality that inevitably echoes Scandinavian design. This versatile sneaker is a perfect match for a modern wardrobe. Timeless, the Common Projects Original Achilles footwear will accompany you on a daily basis and will sublimate your chic, casual or utilitarian outfits.

Common Projects Chelsea Boot

Like the Common Projects Original Achilles, the Chelsea Boot is also a shoe with simple, timeless lines. Usually made of nubuck canvas, this Common Projects pair will be perfect for casuals.

The Common Projects basket Bball Low

Throughout its history, the New York label has always known how to transcend itself by offering original creations of inimitable quality. The Bball Low model fits perfectly in this line and is a perfect complement to the prestigious range offered by the Common brand. Unlike the original common projects achilles, this version has a more assertive style. Indeed, this sneaker with a very urban identity is imagined to sublimate your casual and sportswear.

Common Projects SS18, New York Purity

Based in New York, the label has been delighting us for years with its shoes mixing quality and originality. A pure line, a minimalist aesthetic and elegant colors, this is the secret of the Italian-American label. Discover through our article Common Projects SS18, the New York Purity, the history, the manufacturing and the flagship models of Common.