How do you wash a Stone Island sweater?

Stone Island is today a benchmark techwear brand that has established itself in the fashion world.

Appreciated for its high resistance capacity, the stone piece is suitable for use in extreme conditions. As a result, it is often confronted with strong weather conditions and other factors that can detract from its visual appearance. Although fabrics and all canvases are known for their high quality, they nevertheless require attention and proper care to ensure maximum longevity. Find more information in our guide "How Does Stone Island Sweatshirt Fit ?" to help you learn more about this subject.

That's why we're going to give you some advice, so you can know how to wash a Stone Island sweater ? Of course, the following instructions apply to other items, such as coats, jackets, T-shirts, etc.

How do you clean a Stone Island sweater?

Let's get to the heart of the matter. First, you'll have to read the label located on the inside left of your crewnecks, hoodies, etc... You will find there very precious information, especially on the washing techniques recommended by the brand à la Rose des Vents.

And don't forget that with this label you can also learn how to spot fake Stone Island. All of the official Stone Island retailers in store are qualified to give you the right tips and tricks to validate your choice.These labels often recommend that we wash our Stone Island pieces cold. Due to their color applied after assembly, they may have a tendency to discolor if washed at too high a temperature.

Also, do not hesitate to use the "hand wash" program of your washing machine to better respect the fabric of your Stone Island sweaters. A couple of drops of white vinegar is also a good thing! They will disinfect your clothes, which can be very practical, especially when you perspire a lot!

As far as stains are concerned, it will be necessary to make sure that the fabric of your Stone Island sweaters is well respected. A simple cloth soaked in very hot water will do the trick. Simply rub gently where you want. For more ingrained stains, it is very important to use a suitable stain remover, but in moderation! Your room may become discolored.

This cleaning method can also be applied to your Stone Island cotton cap if you have accidentally done it and a stain appears on the material. However, if it has fallen off, it is not your size. Check out our article How Does Stone Island Cap Fit ? so that this tragic event doesn't happen!

How do you clean a Stone Island mesh?

Stone Island meshes are very high quality pieces, but also quite dirty. To wash them, you will have to be careful to respect them. If this is not done, they could discolor, or even worse, deform.

Washing a Stone Island knitwear in the washing machine

For a machine wash, you must first remember to turn it over properly. This way, the front panel will be less likely to be damaged. In addition, this will prevent the appearance of wool pilling. Then, remember to put your washing machine on cold wash with the hand wash program; It is necessary to be as careful as possible, Stone Island knits are beautiful pieces, but they are still fragile.

Washing Stone Island knitwear by hand

It is best to wash the stitches from the mark to the compass rose by hand. It's certainly trying, but the result is there! With this method, you are sure to respect your room as much as possible. To do this, place your sweater in warm water mixed with a little detergent, then wait 20 minutes. Then you can remove it and wring it out by hand. But be careful not to deform it! You have to be very careful, otherwise you might miss your Stone Island sweater.