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How Does Stone Island Cap Fit ?

The Stone Island accessory is now considered a must-have piece of a streetwear wardrobe. Known for its many innovations, the Italian label deploys the same energy as usual and equips its headwear with the best technologies! In our article how do you fit Stone Island, we were already mentioning certain design features. Because unlike streetwear brands, all the pieces from the Stone Island collection such as t-shirts, parkas, coats, jackets and pants are generally small.

So you will have understood, the cap is positioned as a major to have in his wardrobe, especially when it is a Stone Island. It must be said that it brings a unique style and fits perfectly with different clothing styles. It's all about knowing how does Stone Island cap fit, so that you can be sure of which model to choose. Therefore, we have decided to give you a small overview of the different caps offered by the compass rose.

How does the timeless Stone Island cap fit ?

The Stone Island 99168 cap is a very sober strong piece. All are fully colorized in tone-on-tone for a modern look that will go with all your looks.

Made of 100% cotton, they have a high textile quality that will be perfect for outdoor use, whether to protect from the sun or a very white sky. The range of colours offered by Stone Island is just huge, multiple colours are available, ideal to adapt its techwear look to all situations and all desires! But the cap is not the only piece to be made in a 100% cotton fabric, in our article How Does Stone Island T-shirt fit ?, we return on this essential of your wardrobe.

In terms of size, only one choice is available, you are sure not to make a mistake! It has an adjustable band in the back that allows you to wear your Stone Island cap the way you want.

Choose your nylon metal hat by Stone Island

This piece is the fruit of years of textile innovations from the brand to the compass rose. It is made of nylon metal, a very versatile fabric that will excel against the sun, wind and cold. It has a unique metallic aspect which is due to the use of very strong nylon threads. In addition, it is also lined with nylon to ensure a strong, durable piece.

Like its sister 99168, all models feature the famous compass rose with beautiful tone-on-tone embroidery. Of course, it is available in a huge, colorful palette to match any look. This Stone Island cap is a reference. As we mentioned in our article How Does Stone Island jacket Fit ?, the use of appropriate materials for the outdoors is essential but it also causes questions about the sizing of the pieces.

Once again, Stone Island offers us one size fits all. As the piece has an elastic band at the back, it will always fit optimally without compressing your head too much.

How do you size the Stone Island sports cap, the soft shell-r of excellence ?

Probably less well known than its sisters, Stone Island's 99227 cap has nevertheless nothing to envy them! It is made of a triple-layer high-performance material that is completely waterproof. Moreover, it is breathable and windproof. The outer fabric is a beautiful jersey canvas that brings a strong identity and an authentic look to the piece.

Small negative point which is not really a negative point: it does not have a large panel of color. But enough to fit into all your outdoor looks. What's more, you won't find the tone-on-tone embroidered compass rose in the front as usual. Here, the logo is embroidered in white on the front left side, ensuring a sporty look that will be perfect to reinforce a hiking outfit. It is within our article The Keys to Success of the Stone Island Brand that we come back on the explosion of this brand in the daylight and how a material can change a brand.

This cap is available in three different sizes. To choose your size, simply measure your head circumference with a tape measure and compare with the following size guide (in cm):

Of course, there are many other hats at Stone Island, such as bobs, and all of them are as ingenious and technical as the hats! The Italian label is now also establishing itself as a reference for techwear hats for our greatest pleasure.

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