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The Stussy bob, a cult and timeless accessory

The brand Stussy is a monument, a streetwear reference. Its existence dates back to the 80s. A young surfer, Shawn Stüssy, makes his own boards, he also puts his signature on plain tees to create his own clothing line. In these times, streetwear culture is still in its infancy. One of the most iconic pieces of the label is undoubtedly the Stussy bob, mythical, unavoidable and above all timeless.

The bob, a piece of history

At the base used by fishermen for its utilitarian side, its ability to protect from the rain and to fold into a pocket, the bob quickly became a reference. It was (and still is) also used by American soldiers, for its sturdiness and versatility.

Well, it's not this part of the story that interests us, Stussy is a streetwear-oriented brand, so we'll see how this little piece of fabric has managed to fit into the street culture.

The first appearances were in the early 80s. It's obviously the rap music that appropriated this hat with such a singular shape. Various sources cite Big Bank Hank of the Sugar Hill Gang as the first person to wear the bob on TV. The result was a great fashion phenomenon. One can for example remember Run-DMC, a reference in its wearing. Everybody got into it, becoming almost as popular as the cap.

The Stussy bob, a reference

The Californian label is therefore a reference of this streetwear culture. It is above all a specialist in the production of trendy pieces, i.e. only made up of the logo. In fact, there are a large number of different logos at Stussy, including the signature of its creator Shawn Stüssy (the original, the one everyone knows), the Rasta Lion logo, the Stussy Design logo, etc. The company's logo is also used in the design of its products.

The offer is just insane, we've seen countless different variants appear. Plain, patterned, striped, linen, mesh, the variations are endless.

The Stock Stussy bob

These are the most basic, but undoubtedly the most successful pieces. There are several versions of them. To begin with, you will inevitably find the one that suits you, they are available in as many colours as possible. But you will also have the choice in terms of the size of the logo. Big to take on more of a streetwear look, or on the contrary, you can opt for a more sober and less imposing embroidery to bring a modern touch to your outfit.

In terms of look, stay on the basics. The easiest way to wear a bob is to blend it into your outfit. Ideally, it should be the same color as your t-shirt. Also opt for Stussy, they go remarkably well with buckets hats.

The patterned Stussy bob

For more originality, Stussy patterned bobs will be your best friends. Very inspired, and brilliantly retracing the nearly 40 years of the brand's existence. Retro OG style, modern or simply offbeat, the American label's hat comes in many different versions so that you are sure to find the piece of your dreams.

Often tiled, it will be relatively difficult to wear it in combination with other patterned pieces. Still, we recommend once again the simple and effective Stock Stussy tees.

Stussy caps

But the claw doesn't know how to do just bobs. There is a huge quantity of caps that are just as inspired and offer the same range of choices as for bobs. There are also several shapes, caps with 5, 6 panels, strapbacks, you will have understood it, Stussy is present even at the level of the caps.

How do you wear a Stussy bob?

If you have an oval head, but a rather square jaw, the bucket hat is for you! It will fit the shape of your face, and, in addition, it will break the geometry of your mouth.

If your face is rounder, bob is out of the question. It's gonna crowd you, which isn't necessarily a good thing. But, if it matches your outfit, the rendering can still be good.

And for long faces, it will unfortunately be more complicated. You will have to wear slightly wider pieces, and preferably a little curved. If you take a Stussy bucket hat, don't take it too deep, you'll be disappointed.

It is in the company of a streetwear look that the bucket hat will reveal its true nature. Opt for a simple outfit, you don't need an extravagant look to wear this hat. A printed tee or a simple sweatshirt will do the trick. At the bottom, you don't need to do more than shorts or plain pants, you have to stay sober. As for the shoes, you're free. However, we recommend a simple pair that will blend in with your look..