A.P.C. U.S. : French Made In USA !


For a few years now, APC has been offering a capsule collection called A.P.C. U.S., a range entirely designed in the United States. But this year, the French brand wanted to rework its logo for the occasion, a new logo for this American capsule.

So they asked one of the world’s leading streetwear designers, Michael Kopelman, director of Stussy UK, for help. He asked one of his best graphic designers, Stephan Jay Rayon, to create the logo for this collection… and it was a success.

Two logos stood out, one made of straight lines with a very geometric lettering and the other all curves taking us back to the 70’s on the Californian beaches.

With this collection and these collaborations, Jean Touitou offers us the fruit of an American-European work.

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