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Sizing Guide : How to size APC for Men and Women ? Our advice.

It all began in 1987 with a couple. Jean and Judith Touitou, after having worked in the fashion industry, Jean decided to create his own clothing brand and from this idea, A.P.C (Atelier de Production et de Création) was born. Jean Touitou’s vision and Judith’s creative talent gave the brand a real identity and character. A.P.C. could even be described as a lifestyle.

Nowadays, the brand is recognized and renowned worldwide for the quality of its creations. With the world of fashion exploding, A.P.C. now realizes many interactions with other brands and personalities, among the most famous we can cite Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Brain Dead or Catherine Deneuve.

Logo APC x Brain Dead

In this article, we will deal with various topics among them, sweaters, denims and shirts that the brand has been making with love for almost 34 years now.

The Sweaters and knits

Although pants and especially denim is the main asset of A.P.C., they no longer need to prove their expertise in terms of manufacturing sweaters. The sweater is nowadays at the heart of the wardrobe, existing in countless colors, materials and with different collars, it always manages to find a way to stand out.

Throughout our article Size Guide: How do APC sweaters size? We present the multiple collars of sweaters that the brand offers, starting with the round collar and then passing through the zipped collar and ending with the shawl collar.

Étiquette pull APC

In a second part, we will talk about the indicators to know if the sweater in question fits you well. It will be important that you pay special attention to the seams of the shoulders, sleeves and its fit on your chest.

Finally, you will also find some tips to help you take your measurements yourself, with just a little tape and a little bit of good will. Please note that the fabric of your sweater is a good indicator of its quality and will tell you if its shape will hold over time. You will often find cotton, or even cashmere for your sweater.

The denim jeans of Nimes

As you certainly already know very well, if there is a field in which A.P.C excels, it is the manufacture of their raw. Let’s now take a quick look at the brand’s iconic pants. Choosing THE jeans is sometimes not easy and we feel quickly lost in front of so many different cuts, sizes and other data. That’s why we have expressly written a Size Guide article: How do APC jeans fit? You will find various tips to help you choose the jeans of your dreams, taking into account your thighs, your morphology, its color and its shape.

To make it simple, in the men’s range, you will have the choice between 4 different cuts and 5 different cuts for women. Each cut has its own specificities in terms of thighs, legs, waist and ankle, bringing with it its own set of assets and constraints, the trick is to know which one will suit you best in your everyday life.

Zoom jean APC

In the article we also detail how to take measurements of your bust and legs to help you choose your jeans and take into account your measurements according to the cut.

For a few years, the Frenchy brand has been offering its customers to bring back their old denims, to make Butler Jeans by recycling the fabrics giving them a new youth. By the same token, if you are curious and want to learn more about the pants and therefore the APC jeans, our article: "APC Jeans, Minimalism And Expertise" will detail the history of this mythical piece that has shaped the image of the brand.

Shirts and other blouses

Ahhhh the jeans, they are not the only strong pieces from A.P.C! As we have seen before, sweaters are still very effective, but once again A.P.C (Atelier de Production et de Création) is a versatile brand and the quality of their design and their work extends to many other pieces. And we are going to focus on the case of shirts and other blouses.

To do this, we have specifically written: “Size Guide: How do APC Shirts for Men and Women fit? ”. First it is imperative to know what type of shirts you are looking for, rather long sleeve, short sleeve or even a blouse. Then, be interested in the material of the shirt, the brand is full of different fabrics and therefore has a real diversity. From Habutai in silk to Twill to Chambray in cotton, how can you not find what you are looking for?

Col chemise APC

Once these first two steps are completed comes the fateful moment, the time to find the cut, your cut that will suit you. In the world of fashion, the cut of the garment corresponds in some way to the soul or rather the character of the piece in question and this is even more true for shirts. With a dozen cuts available for men and women, you are spoiled for choice.

So here are our little tips to find your shirt, first, if you are not familiar with this piece, choose one with long sleeves. Then, depending on the weather and therefore the thermostat, choose a chambray shirt to protect you from the coolness and a crepe fabric for the hotter periods. And finally, come the cut, if you are looking for comfort and amplitude, a wide cut, straight or boyfriend is very indicated against a slim or classic cut.

Small tips, A.P.C is now undoubtedly a trendy brand, so we will give you some ideas to highlight the clothes of the brand. First of all, choose a pair of pants that will enhance your figure, and secondly, the color of the top should contrast with the bottom of the outfit. And for more daring, think of matching your shoes with the top of your outfit to make reminders, and here you are a style machine, on top of the trend.

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