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APC jeans, minimalism and expertise


You have probably already heard about the very famous Parisian label APC. But do you know the Petit New Standard, or the New Standard, the emblematic jeans of the French label, a real technical feat and revolution in the fashion world of the 90s. Graduate offers you a retrospective on the history and highlights of APC denim. Sit down comfortably, take your big cup of tea and leave for an article on Jean Touitou’s jeans, a savoir-faire made in France.


A creation that owes its salvation to one man: Jean Touitou

The story begins in 1989, the famous creator of the French brand A.P.C. ventures into his dressing room. He is looking for jeans to compete with his outfit. Suddenly a question will come to his mind: why is there so little washed out denim jeans?



He had just found the idea that would forever mark the French house. The founder of A.P.C. then remembers the gift he received from a famous designer with whom he had worked: a magnificent Japanese denim border.



Jean Touitou then took only 15 days to make the first denim jeans for the ready-to-wear house. Aware of the exceptional quality of this fabric, the designer who created the gift refused to reveal its source.


The creator of the Atelier de Production, whose story we detail in our article “Who is Jean Touitou, the A.P.C. Label touch?” After many searches, he finally found the Japanese weaver. The manufacturer will then offer him a recipe even more qualitative than the previous one. Today this unique manufacturing process and this Japanese denim make “atelier de production” one of the giants of the high-end denim in France. Although the denim is the field of predilection of “L’Atelier de Production”, the APC Bag, Classic, Timeless And Modern and their know-how in the field of leather goods is no longer to prove.



Denim by A.P.C. has become a model of success and a reference in the textile world. Influential personalities and denim specialists such as Hedi Slimane who worked for Saint Laurent in particular were interested in Jean.T’s savoir-faire and his denim.

But A.P.C. owes its popularity to a model that has become iconic and has been passed down through the generations, the A.P.C. Petit Standard jeans.



The Petit Standard, a model that has established itself throughout the world

This silhouette has conquered the world of semi-luxury fashion by crossing time to always be a symbol of jeans. This raw denim has a slim fit with a classic waist. This is the strength and minimalist and raw aspect of Jean Touitou‘s vision. There are 5 front pockets, 5 belt loops. Still in this concern for detail, we can note a button closure adorned with a first button engraved with the brand’s typography.



But what the consumer is looking for is above all quality in the products. When you buy jeans, you want them to last, to be b and comfortable. Jean Touitou understood this very well. These jeans are made of a 14.5 oz selvedge Japanese denim fabric made by the weaver Kaihara Denim.



All the charm of jeans is based on its manufacturing process. The denim has been tinted with indigo without being treated with fixing products. As a result, Jean Touitou invites people to wear his creation, on a daily basis, leaving room with wear and tear for a hue that gradually fades away.



A.P.C. has succeeded in creating timeless jeans that embellish with time; just like its founder, minimalist and advocating unpretentious fashion. This piece conquered fashion in the 90s with its worked cut, its resistance and its noble materials. There are now several models with their own cuts, such as Alan jeans and their straight cut.


Le Petit New Stardard, a minimalist pair of jeans with a slim fit

But the Parisian label has managed to stand out from its iconic model by offering us other pieces with different cuts. Jean Touitou has always wanted to offer sober and minimalist pieces that can correspond to any man. We find the small new standard, a pair of jeans proudly wearing a raw Japanese denim. The advantage of these jeans is their tight, slim fit at the bottom and rigid fabric that relaxes over time. Its mid-high and straight waist provides a lot of versatility, making it perfect for all outfits.



As minimalism does not always mean simplicity, Jean Touitou attaches great importance to attention to detail. We find the first button of the closure engraved with the typography of the brand “A.P.C. rue Madame près du Luxembourg”.

This cut is to be preferred, for people of average height, because it gives a slender silhouette.


The New Stardard, a timeless straight cut

Once again, the Parisian company is regaining the strengths of these other jeans by offering us the new standard. These jeans have a beautiful straight cut with a mid-high waist. Of course we find the famous Japanese cotton denim, a guarantee of quality and resistance. These jeans are designed to be your life partner and support you every day. It is ideal for men looking to be comfortable and relaxed in their jeans.



We also find the 5 pockets and the typography of the mark affixed on the first closing button. The A.P.C. company has succeeded in its bet to offer several jeans ranging from a slim cut to a straight cut without ever cutting back on their expertise.

How to wash apc jeans? Our advice on washing.


It’s obvious that it’s better to have clean clothes, and to do this we’ve put together a special guide to the brand. With our article “How to Wash APC Jeans? Our Advice on Washing.” you’ll know all about it.

We talk about the fabric itself, when to wash it, and very importantly, how to fix its indigo? Of course, we talk about the “bathtub” technique, and we go over everything you need to know for regular maintenance. Everything to avoid disaster!

Collaborations amplifying the A.P.C. denim popularity


After a first collaboration in 2011, Jean Touitou’s label will once again partner with the American workwear giant Carhartt. This capsule collection is based on 2 trends, the workwear and the minimalist identity of A.P.C.. This line consists of clothes with sober shades, playing on the materials. Thus we find pieces in leather but also in denim. This collection includes jackets, trousers, shirts, T-shirts and boxers.



Thus A.P.C. honours its denim with a magnificent jacket with a workwear style, a refined cut and a minimalist look. By merging Carhartt’s atmosphere and expertise, A.P.C. has perfectly succeeded in showcasing its iconic fabric.



In its INTERACTION program, A.P.C. does not hesitate to shake up its creativity by revisiting its classics through surprising collaborations. It is in this dynamic that the French label will join forces with the American brand Brain Dead during Fashion Week in Paris. We find a capsule collection that consists of hoodies but above all a denim set that did not go unnoticed during the show.



Jean Touitou’s minimalist inspiration blends perfectly with the American brand’s extravagance. We see the birth of a denim jacket with a worked cut and impeccable finishes, affixed with yellow writings on the front, thus creating a real contrast. The founder of the French company, happy with this collaboration, even said that:


  “I like their name, which is very iconic and contemporary, just as I like the enthusiasm of these young designers. Their inspirations melted into the classic pieces of A.P.C.” Jean Touitou



The label also uses the influence of world-renowned artists to generate visibility around its classics. A.P.C. will collaborate with Kid Cudi in 2019. Through this capsule collection composed of 8 pieces, the brand offers us two magnificent denim pieces combining savoir-faire and creativity. We find a dungarees and a small standard embroidered with the abbreviation in red “Dream On“.

Through this collaboration, Jean Touitou and the company have shown that their denim jeans have transgressed the times to become a fashion piece in their own right.



APC Butler Jeans By Jean Touitou

To go into more detail about the work and programs initiated by the Parisian brand, we covered a specific topic in our article “APC Butler Jeans By Jean Touitou“. We tell you more about this program that reflects an ecological will of the label, a process of upcycling, now in vogue and tending to be democratized across the planet.

The recipe for the longevity of denim by A.P.C.

A.P.C. considers its denim clothing as timeless items that will follow you all your life. To do this you can find on the site a washing guide to maintain as well as possible your parts of the French label. This really reflects the importance that the ready-to-wear house attaches to the love of these denim pieces.


In particular, we find 4 different washing recipes with a touch of humour: an extremist formula, a semi extremist, a rather classic one and finally the seawater recipe. Each formula is broken down into stages to allow you to best treat the denim fabrics of your parts. Depending on the wash chosen, the appearance of the jeans will be changed and you will obtain a unique item.


A.P.C. goes to the end of its creative process by offering us a booklet of good treatment of its denim.  This shows the importance of this fabric in the creative heart of the French company.



In short, A.P.C. jeans are…

A.P.C. has succeeded in positioning itself as a reference in high-end denim and jeans. Jean Touitou, founder of the French company, has completely revolutionized the denim industry in the world by offering the first raw jeans with high quality and a refined cut. A.P.C. has been able to develop timeless, durable, durable and resistant denim parts from Japanese denim that change appearance during the use of the product.



Once again, thanks to the genius of the creator of A.P.C., the brand does not hesitate to collaborate with renowned artists such as Kanye West to always bring a fresh look to its denim classics. You will have understood that jeans by A.P.C. are not just a simple product but really a travelling companion who shares your life.


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