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The 5 reasons that make A.P.C. one of the coolest brand


We don’t present it anymore, the brand with the acronym is back with a fall/winter collection once again very accurate and without any lack of taste. We often hear “A.P.C. is too simple, too classic. ». It’s time to correct this heresy. There is nothing simple in a good classic, it’s even the opposite. When you see the brand as a whole, the looks are crazy. We’re going to show you why APC is one of the coolest brands?

1/ Touitou : The man for the situation

At the head of every great ship there is a good captain. Jean Touitou is one of those curious men who need to try everything, see everything, hear everything. He is a creator at heart; musician, painter, photographer and of course designer. He is the providential man at the heart of A.P.C., one of the factors that makes A.P.C. a label apart in our eyes. Because the brand always has an eye on culture and its time.

2/ The chameleon of the French ready-to-wear

The label has an identity that brings you back to the classic men’s wardrobe, but A.P.C. is mostly what you want it to be. The brand can be worn in preppy, chic, workwear, casual, outdooring and even sport look on some pieces. This chameleon identity is one of the most important qualities for a brand, that the audience can project themselves into the items, in their own way. Wear oversized, fitted, cropped … A.P.C. is a brand that you have to make your own, do you feel capable of doing that? 

3/ A sense of elegance

The Parisian label is in the pure tradition of French brands, elegance holds an important place in each collection. And what season is more appropriate for this than Autumn/Winter? A beautiful sweater, a nice coat, wool or velvet pants, we are entering the most interesting season in terms of style. A.P.C. works a perfect frenchy wardrobe, the Visconti coat is the best example. A tailored collar for a touch of chic, a pretty woollen sheet for comfort and a length that extends the silhouette and gives presence, this is our favorite of the season.


4/ A reassuring brand

As we said before, we are entering a season where it is important to feel good in your clothes. Touitou and A.P.C. have understood this, and we find the musts of winter items in this collection. Pretty wool sweaters, sherpas or good seasonal parkas, the brand makes sure that we are warm and stylish. Moreover, it’s always reassuring to know that we will find our classics from one season to another, the Aymar polo shirt, the Dundee sweater, the serge shirt or the Pablo sweater… When we love a piece it’s cool to know that we will be able to have fun again the next season.


5/ A cultural icon

The brand goes further than all other brands by developing strong concepts. Such as the Interaction program, which allows Touitou to step out of the fashion spectrum. Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Catherine Deneuve or hybrid collectives such as JJJound or Brain Dead, all participated in this program by designing a collection with A.P.C.. The Butler program too, customers are encouraged to bring their old jeans to any A.P.C. store or send them to the online store, where they will be exchanged for a new pair at half price. Incredible is not Touitou.

For all these reasons, we are the first fans of A.P.C., it’s a label with a classic and wildly original faith, able to sell a dress to a grandmother in the Marais and design a bright red perfecto leather with a dragon on the back with Kid Cudi.


By Simon Baumer-Poulain

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