Polo Ralph Lauren Regatta CP 93: Between bourgeoisie and gang!


The madness around the vintage Polo Ralph Lauren pieces is not about to stop. While the brand had just launched new editions of the 1992 Stadium, P-Wing and Snow Beach, it is now the turn of the Regatta CP RL-93 range to be relaunched. But how did this madness and love begin? Who caused it? Welcome to the unofficial story of Polo Ralph Lauren, between popular revolt and unconditional love! In our article Former Polo Ralph Lauren Collection, Between Clothing and History we present the capsule collections that have punctuated the life of the brand over the past years.


One of the greatest popular revolts against capitalism



The art of feigning opulence

When the crews of the New York Five Boroughs are competing on the turntables and dancefloors, you had to be at the top to show up at a block party. One of the ways to stand out was of course the style, but not just any style, the one that pretended to be opulent. It was necessary to claim a way of life, and what could be better for that than a brand originally addressed to the bourgeoisie.


Ralph Lauren, a strong symbol

Symbol of the American bourgeoisie who ski in Aspen and sail in the Hamptons, Ralph Lauren is designed and marketed for the American elite. It is therefore naturally to this brand that the dandies of the ghetto turned to, because it is a strong symbol. The story of success, the story of a kid from the Bronx who is eager to climb the social ladder, a true symbol of the American Dream. Crews were even founded around this love for Polo Ralph Lauren: Crown Heights’ Ralphie’s Kids and Brownsville’s Polo U.S.A., which by merging will give birth to the famous Lo-Life.

And in addition to the life and history of the famous colorful gang, find our article “The New Season And Collection Polo Ralph Lauren.” We come back in detail on the last drop of the brand, with notably jackets and pants that would have been greatly appreciated by the crews of N-Y.

Lo-Life, the voice of a revolt

Involved in all facets of hip hop culture, it is mainly for his style that this crew has become known. Gathered around a passion, an unconditional love for the brand to the rider, the members are true geeks of the brand. Their message: to claim a way of life that is denied to the African-American population, that is their wish when they wear limited editions of the priceless Ralph Lauren Polo. For the New York Times, it is one of the most emblematic revolts of popular culture against capitalism.



Love and violence


Photo by Tom Gould


Love & Loyalty

In Brownsville and Crown Heights, the Lo-Lifes have put Polo Ralph Lauren into the lifestyle stage, they live and sleep Ralph Lauren. Their name is a combination of “Lo”, the diminutive of Ralph Lauren and “Low Life” which means “rascal”, a crew name that says a lot, between brand love and criminal activities. Charlotte Vautier for Clique sums up Ralph Lauren’s duality best: “For some, Ralph Lauren polo shirts evoke walks on the beaches of Cabourg, acorn moccasins or sailing regattas. For others, Polo Ralph Lauren is synonymous with hardcore New York rap, snatching and gang busting. »


Thirstin’ Howl The 3rd and his son, by Tom Gould.


Exactly the opposite of Ralph Lauren’s image

The Lo Lifes were fully dressed in Ralph Lauren’s clothes without having the means to afford it. So you understand how they got it. These brawls gave rise to chaotic scenes in New York department stores, 20 to 30 gang members entered and exited instantly with their hands full of Ralph Lauren coins. The reality of the Lo Lives was far from the bourgeois image conveyed by the brand, which was much harsher and more bitter: that of the New York ghettos.



A book that retraces the life and love of this crew

Entitled Bury Me With The Lo On, in French: Enter me in Ralph Lauren, this book is a collaboration between the American photographer Tom Gould and one of the founders of Lo Life, Thirstin’ Howl The 3rd. Entirely dedicated to the universe of Lo Life and the brand with the rider, the authors leave nothing to chance because even the typos and colors are chosen to represent the best of Ralph Lauren’s identity. It’s a beautiful book, printed only in 1500 copies which makes it rare and relatively expensive, some pieces are sold up to 1500$.

This sulphurous popular rebellion against a symbol of the bourgeois elite intrigues and fascinates fashion lovers. A few years later, it is a global phenomenon, and Ralph Lauren has become an emblem of streetwear, as the brand that the street has taken over!


We were waiting for him, we got him!

This capsule remains faithful to the identity of the historical range, the flags, the gilding, the sailboats and the coloured bands, in short all the imagery of the original collection.
A range designed for weekends on the coast, but not just any weekend, those at the marina, on a yacht. It was therefore logically designed in technical and waterproof materials.

This second drop consists of hooded jackets, swimming shorts and caps!


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