The new season and collection Polo Ralph Lauren.


Yes, it’s back for a new spring-summer season, 2021 this time, and we hope it will be favorable to good times, to vacations, to relaxation, by the pool in swim shorts. If you want to know more about the label, our article: “Former Collection of Polo Ralph Lauren, Between Clothing and History” traces the history of the collections put forward by the brand with the little horse.

And who better to help us reach this haven of peace, this serenity, than the label Polo Ralph Lauren.

2021 ralph polo

My name is Lauren, Polo Ralph.

A bad joke that falls flat very quickly, since I found no link between the American brand and the English spy. Are we going to make you the affront to present you, even briefly, the life of the creator of the famous label? Well, I think so.

A story of the American dream.

So, quickly (what a shame, it requires pages and pages), Ralph Lauren, patronymic that he will adopt at 16 years following the mockery of his ” classmates “, is from a young age passionate about style and beauty.

At the age of 25, without a degree, he works as a salesman at Bloomingdale’s or Brooks Brothers. With the desire to succeed and to be an entrepreneur, he launched his own business in 1967.

The beginnings of a multinational style company.

Let’s go through five decades of a fashion empire again very quickly. The young designer opens his first store, dedicated to ties, in 1967, under the name Polo Ralph Lauren.

Learn more about the clothing brand’s inspirations in our article “Ralph Lauren And Books.” which looks back at this pivotal period in the creator’s life.

The first prizes and awards began to arrive in 1970 with the “Coty Award“. It is also in these years that the famous logo will be affixed to the brand’s clothing.

Flash forward, today everyone loves Ralph Lauren. T-shirts, polo shirts, everything is snapped up (figuratively speaking, rest assured) like hotcakes.

polo ralph lauren SS21

The Polo Ralph Lauren collections.

After these quick introductions, let’s get back to what we’re interested in, the brand’s collections and clothing. Not counting the myriad of sub-divisions dedicated to lifestyle of the Polo Ralph Lauren firm to find on our shop, such as the sports collection as explained in our article “Ralph Lauren And Sport“. But, the classic collections have always had one and only goal.

To reinvent and remix the traditional American wardrobe pieces in a gigantic swirl of colors and styles.

Preppy and classic.

The brand is synonymous with the traditional American menswear style, it is even its definition nowadays. The Heritage Icons range is one of the best representatives of this style with its wool jackets, suede vests and the traditional Herringbones polo shirts.

A set of pieces, which in leather and tobacco tones, deeply reminds the great American landscapes.

Textile materials and comfort.

This mix between preppy, casual and haute couture is a great mix of materials and textures, typical of Ralph Lauren. Linen shirts, woolen pants, and jackets of the different product lines are systematically based on an aesthetic research and absolute comfort.

The life of the Ralph Lauren Polo dressing room is an eternal cycle of restarting a story rich in stylistic and sartorial twists.

lauren polo

The new Polo Ralph Lauren spring summer collection.

Once again the Ralph Lauren Polo label reinvents the classic American style with fabrics in vibrant colors. Iconic basics, jacket, pants, shirt, and hoodie, revisited through a timeless design and flawless quality. And, to complete the circle, the perfect swim shorts for the season.