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Former Polo Ralph Lauren Collection, Between Clothing and History.

Today we're going back in time a bit, a little look in the rearview mirror. A look at the past collections of the Polo Ralph Lauren label. Some recent, and others older, full of history and it' s good to put back on the front of the stage.

You already know everything about the birth of the brand, as well as its creator. From being a salesman at Bloomingdale's, to a trendy, publicly traded empire with multiple stores around the globe.

So without further ado, let's go back to discovering the successful clothes that made the American label famous.

The New Season And Collection Polo Ralph Lauren.

To begin, let's lean back very slightly. Even, let's look directly at what it is now, presently. Our good old year of 2021 (hello future people). And yes we are currently in the midst of The New Season And Collection Polo Ralph Lauren.

Previous Ralph Lauren Collection
Our attached article details what it's all about. As always, in any case with the Polo line, we navigate between classic pieces, but full of color, timeless, between preppy and casual chic. Beautiful materials 100% cotton, iconic basics, jacket, shirt, hoodie, not forgetting of course swimming shorts for your summer by the pool.

Polo Sport Denim & Silver: Ralph Lauren's Revival

Now, we're starting to get into some old stuff, but for now we can't call it vintage. And it should be known that the brand often has fun to reissue old items from their various ranges. On the menu of our article "Polo Sport Denim & Silver: Ralph Lauren's Revival", we therefore return to this capsule of spring 2019.

Polo Sport Denim collecition
The collection includes reissues for men and women of original pieces of Polo Sport, but also new clothes ornamented with the famous logo "usa flag". The original Polo Sport range was created by the creator of the brand in 1992, a selection completely thought for the sporting thing.

We come back in many texts and images on the capsule Polo Sport Denim, composed of 100% cotton products, cap, jacket and pants are reinvented with brio. Same thing for the flamboyant and colorful Silver capsule.

Polo Ralph Lauren Presents Indigo Stadium

Also in this same year of 2019 (what we now call "the world before"), a new capsule is peeking out. Once again, we have made a record that describes the details of the project. Polo Ralph Lauren Presents Indigo Stadium also revisits the past with brilliance.

Indigo Stadium Collection
The seminal year is always 1992, and at that time Polo Stadium reigned supreme by riding the wave of the 1992 Summer Olympics. Six classic suits are selected for the reissue, all dyed in indigo for a beautiful and trendy result. On our article you can find the new brand's lookbook taken on the occasion.

Polo Ralph Lauren Winter Stadium Collection

A very slight step back now. Winter 2018, we were then young and vigorous. So here's to the mountains, extreme sports, cold and snow. The Polo Ralph Lauren Winter Stadium Collection capsule takes another myth from 1992. Products that in their original versions were sold until recently at several thousand euros.

Winter Stadium Collection
Inspired by uniforms dedicated to ski competition, the American house remains faithful to the original products by subtly redesigning them, bringing more technical materials, high quality finishes and a more modern fit. A sharp look and style for fans of the label, to be found in our stores.

Polo Ralph Lauren Regatta CP 93: Between Bourgeoisie And Gang!

Finally, a new capsule, and not the slightest! A reissue released in spring 2018, and rooted in the early 90s. For history buffs, we can only recommend our great paper Polo Ralph Lauren Regatta CP 93: Between Bourgeoisie And Gang!

Regatta 93 by Ralph Lauren
Yes, the label synonymous with elegance, lifestyle, opulence could not have found a better setting than the streets of New York. At the time, Regatta CP 93 clothes were snatched up, stolen and looted in order to shine with their many colors on the street, at parties and at Wu concerts. Read this article rich in lessons, you will see the incredible richness and cultural heritage that the brand carries.

Since its birth, to its entry on the stock market, it' s the men and women who by reappropriating RL have created its success. There are no horses in New York (aside from the mounted police of course), no polo players, but there is Bloomingdale, elegance and a true love for the label.