Polo Ralph Lauren or Lacoste?

In this article we tackle a highly conflicting topic. Which polo shirt to choose between Ralph Lauren and Lacoste? Before answering this question, let's go back to this piece of the men's wardrobe.

Let's start at the very beginning, do you know who is the inventor of this famous piece. From India bingo! The polo was designed by the maharadja of Jodhpur. A few years later the polo know its hour of glory thanks to Rene Lacoste and Andre Gillier.

polo Ralf Lauren

Today, the polo shirt is a must-have in men's fashion and many brands have appropriated this piece halfway between t-shirts and shirts. Among the brands that produce the most famous polo shirts are Lacoste, Polo Ralph Lauren, Gant, Hermes and many others, but in our case we will focus on the polo shirts Lacoste and Ralph Lauren.

You are certainly not without knowing that these two brands are known for their polo shirts and other basic pieces.

Ralph Lauren polo shirts

It is in 1972 that the designer Ralph Lauren will revisit in his way the polo shirt. It will be the first polo shirts produced by the brand, signed by the little horse and available in a range of twenty colors. The American brand has known, over the years, to appropriate the piece by diversifying both in its cuts, its colors and other embroideries.

Note that the shirt is also an emblem of the brand, without forgetting the sweater. Find all our tips with our online article "Recognizing A Real Polo Ralph Lauren Sweater". We tell you everything, from the seams to the fabric, to choose it with confidence.

But let's try to stay a little more formal and talk about the iconic polo of the brand. The classic Ralph Lauren polo shirt is made of cotton pique. Piqué cotton is a weaving method that adds strength and texture to a piece, it is a technique that consists of alternating stretched and loose threads accounting for a total of 4 threads for a single stitch.

On the classic Ralph Lauren polo shirt, we find the logo embroidered on the top of the left pectoral, which is also the main detail of the piece. This polo also has a ribbed collar that will be closed with 3 mother of pearl buttons. The polo shirt is a piece that generally size a little loose, so it is comfortable, moreover the presence of ribbing on the biceps ensures a good support and a good fit, we will also note the presence of side slits at the waist also called tennis tail.

Lacoste polo shirts

When talking about polo shirts, it is difficult not to talk about the French brand with the crocodile, Lacoste. It was in 1927 that the first Lacoste polo shirts were created. Today, they are mythical pieces known by everyone. Available in no less than 34 different colors, the polo shirt embodies the symbol of the brand and thus characterizes the quality of the pieces it produces. Like its Ralph Lauren counterpart, the Lacoste polo shirt is made of piqué cotton. It also has an embroidered logo on the chest, ribbing on the collar and sleeves.

The main differences between the two pieces are in the buttons closure, because the Lacoste polo has only 2, in a second time the side slits of the polo are symmetrical and smaller than Ralph Lauren. All in all, the Lacoste polo comes from a meticulous and carefully studied know-how just like its American competitor.

Today, these two brands are both pioneers of the polo shirt we know today. For years, the two brands have been in a tug of war over who makes the best polo shirt, but there is no denying that both have their own unique craftsmanship, in keeping with their brand image.

The choice of your polo shirt will depend on the style you want to wear, the Ralph Lauren polo shirt will highlight a more chic side while the Lacoste polo shirt will be more in a streetwear approach. You are free to make your choice, but know that in both cases you will have a quality polo shirt and a piece full of history.

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