Oliver spencer

The Oliver Spencer brand was founded in 2002. The designer has developed a sophisticated and intelligent design approach. A self-taught tailor and shopkeeper, the British designer has instilled his vision of fashion: craftsmanship with good fabrics combined with a casual chic touch. As GQ would say, a "particularly casual British style."

Oliver Spencer is a complete wardrobe for the contemporary fashion-conscious man. It draws its inspiration from art, but also from the ever-changing subcultures of London and the cities of the UK. The brand's philosophy is based on clothes of the highest quality, functional and perfectly adaptable to everyday life.

For this new SS21 season, Oliver Spencer offers us a Spring Summer collection with modern men's pieces inspired by the 70s. So it is light and loose pieces such as the Judo pants and cotton shirts Brook shirts, or the jacket Hockney, that the designer reveals the elegance and finesse of British fashion trends.

Oliver Spencer was born in the UK in 2002 bears the name of its designer. Prior to the opening of its first stores, Oliver Spencer began his career as a salesman, then slowly but surely became a designer. Today the label has been around for 20 years and offers a philosophy of eccentricity through its clothing collection. Basics that every amateur already has in his wardrobe, but always with a little twist, a touch, a refinement, an extra guideline, that's Oliver Spencer. Whether it's the size and cut, the color palettes used, or the fabrics, we always find what makes the brand so special. A brand that does not care about trends or the latest season. The goal here is to transform a piece as deceptively simple as a jacket, in a unique piece and sublimated by the quality of its cotton, the work of colors, or the study of cuts and size. Timeless, but always playful and modern. A precious label, to be found in our boutiques, online and in the brand's stores in London

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