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BEAMS PLUS started as a small store in Harajuku in Tokyo and grew up to become one of the largest textile retailers in Japan and Asia with over 50 stores. In 2009, BEAMS created BEAMS...
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BEAMS PLUS started as a small store in Harajuku in Tokyo and grew up to become one of the largest textile retailers in Japan and Asia with over 50 stores. In 2009, BEAMS created BEAMS PLUS, their own clothing line that constantly reinvents the classic men's wardrobe. It is an hommage to the 1950s fashion because it is a period that influenced a lot the designer. Yo Shintara is the owner of president of BEAMS and his father Etsuzo Shintara was the founder of the brand.


In 1776, Yo Shintara set up his dorm room in Harajuku to look like an UCLA dorm room and transformed it into a shop. As a child, Shintara was a huge fan of American clothes and fashion but he couldn't buy them since there wasn't any shop selling them in Japan, and there was no internet to buy clothes online. A few years later, he created his own brand. He travelled a lot to the US to buy clothes and accessories and bring them back to Japan, his goal was to make it possible for people to have access to them without travelling all the way to the US.


In this article, we present the origins of BEAMS going from the very beginning in 1776 to 1999, when BEAMS PLUS lauched their first range of products. The clothes are inspired by the American look we could find during the Glorious Thirties, the Ivy League and American Preppy.

It is important to mention that Japanese people are very passionate about clothes. The japanese craftmanship has become famous all around the world because of their high quality skills and materials. The denim made with Japanese raw fabrics makes every denim fan fall in love with the product.

Beams Plus was made to return the brand to its point of origin based on the image of an American student from the 40's to the 60's because the brand took a turn towards a more street and casual style. This come back brought back some of the old classics, let's highlight some of those. We have the B.d corduroy panel grey, the B.d flannel check panel navy, the B.d flannel solid in Olive and Off White. We also have the cardigan alan patchwork available in navy, green, orange and white. Other style of cardigan are available such as cardigan chevron stripe mohair, the cardigan mohair grey, the cardigan jacquard khaki.

You can find more informations about the brand and their philosophy in our article "Beams : The American Style Made in Japan." 


The Japanese brand is armed with a range of typical and classical American look of the mid-20th century. It is not just about a nostalgic feeling, but more of a search for authenticity. As time goes by, the old classical times are slowly starting to fade away because of the new trends that dominates the world. Beams Plus plans on bringing back these classics to the big stage. The brand offers a set products with careful finishes and classic cuts and retro designs. 


In this article, we talk about what inspired Yo Shintara to make his collections, mostly his most recent collections. You can find more detailled informations by clicking here "The New FW21 Beams Plus Collection Drop I and II." For this season, BEAMS PLUS gave a new spin to the Ivy classics as a final tribute for such an influential era. The brand revisited the "aiibi" ( Ivy in Japanese ) style giving it brighter colors and calm tones to mark a change from the old era. This collection contains a range of products such as : cotton shirts and tee shirts, different colortype cardigan, the crew cable shaggy orange, polo available in blue, brown and green and mil puff vest. As for lower body items we have a set of mil trousers and the regular gym pants or the 6 pocket gyn pants in different colortypes. We also have the corduroy dark green 2pleats. BEAMS PLUS's collections always aborate an American style inspired by the Ivy League or even the Preppy University, and here at Graduate Store we are lucky to have access to the latest collections from BEAMS PLUS. Diverses items are available on store such as cardigan, mil trousers, crew sweaters, denim jacket and corduroy, sports cotton anorak. Every item is available in numerous colortypes such as black, green, olive, mustard, brown and even orange. There are some more articles about Beams Plus Collections on our website, you can check this one "Beams Plus, The New 2021 Collection in France."