Stone Island Jacket & Down Jacket

The Italian brand Stone Island is a reference in outerwear and this since 1982 . That's why we select the best jackets for men of the famous label identifiable by the famous wind rose patch....
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The Italian brand Stone Island is a reference in outerwear and this since 1982. That's why we select the best jackets for men of the famous label identifiable by the famous wind rose patch.

This patch represents the cardinal points, a symbol of the military and marine universe. They are part of the main influences of Massimo Osti, the creator of the brand and the logo of the latter. Stone Island are pieces, jackets, jackets, designed and treated with innovative processes giving them a techwear style and a totally exclusive look. 

 The history of the giant Stone Island 

Stone Island is an Italian brand founded in 1982 by Massimo Osti. The brand is known for its use of innovative and technical materials to create high quality clothing for outdoor activities. Their style is often associated with a casual sportswear look with military and urban influences.

Since its inception, Stone Island has been at the forefront of textile innovation. Their first breakthrough innovation was the development of the use of reflective fibers in their garments, which led to the creation of the famous Stone Island "patch" that has become a symbol of the brand. In the 90s, the brand continued to develop innovative materials, such as thermo-regulating wool and fabrics with high water and abrasion resistance.

Over the years, Stone Island has also developed a strong presence in the fashion world through their collaboration with renowned designers and collaborations with top brands such as Nike and Supreme. Their distinctive style and use of innovative materials have also caught the attention of celebrities and fashion influencers, helping to build brand awareness.

Today, Stone Island is considered one of the leaders in the technical fashion industry and continues to develop innovative materials and unique designs for their clothing. The brand is distributed through a network of stores and retailers around the world and remains popular with fashion and sports enthusiasts.

Types of Stone Island jacket and down jacket collection 

Stone Island's commitment to developing new designs using innovative textile fibers and dyeing processes has resulted in softshell jackets, parkas, down jackets, and coats that provide optimal thermal insulation and wind protection. These different types of jackets will protect you from low temperatures and from big and small rains. In addition to their special technologies, Stone Island jackets ensure a casual silhouette. Find the black jackets and the different Stone Island colors. Stone Island jackets are long-sleeved garments that can feature a zipper closure. These garments, available in different sizes, colors and featuring the famous compass rose patch, provide a comfortable effect and are heat resistant. Their quality-price ratio and underlined by the critic because of the materials used.

The technologies of the jacket / down jacket & jacket Stone Island 

The softshell jackets found in our selection of Stone Island men's jackets have been designed from tightly woven fabrics and have received a chemical treatment that makes them water repellent. You can also find Stone Island logo coats made from Tela Stella polyester, a fabric originally used for truck tarps. Hooded jackets in reflective Nylon Metal fabric are also part of our selection. Check out our lightweight hooded parkas or our mercerized cotton jackets for men. The mercerization of cotton is a specific treatment that makes the cotton more silky and resistant. As for dyeing, Stone Island uses a very specific dyeing process for its pieces, the e.dye Waterless Color System. It requires less water, CO2 and chemicals than traditional piece dyeing.

How to wash your stone island jacket, down jacket or coat

Dry cleaning is a method that allows you to wash your products with a different solvent than water. It is the solution to wash your fragile clothes that do not go in the machine. Here, we use a liquid solvent to avoid damaging the fibers of certain fabrics. About your sweater you can visit our blog on the subject.

How to size stone Island products?

If you can not go to the store and you opt for delivery, it is recommended to look at the online size guide for your jackets, down jackets and stone coat, because these can vary from one model to another, here again we have been able to deal with this subject in our news. The best way to avoid this kind of inconvenience is always to come and see us and try the product!