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Common Projects sneakers, a future-proff creation

Very few brands have left their mark on their industry as Common Projects has done in recent years. At the origin of this success story, Flavio Girolami and Prathan Poopat are both passionate about fashion and art. In 2004, they had the idea to revolutionize the premium clothing market by proposing a simple vision of footwear.

The label is distinguished by an extraordinary conceptual philosophy. Indeed, the Common Projects shoe is simple in beauty, devoid of superficiality and goes with all styles.

Very appreciated, the American-Italian brand offers today a wide selection, from classic city shoes to sneakers. Like an art work, each creation benefits from a very particular attention with an artisanal assembly.

The label is distinguished by an extraordinary conceptual philosophy. Indeed, the Common Projects shoe is simple, devoid of superficiality and goes with all styles.

Common Projects sneakers, outstanding designs

The footwear segment has been transformed at a phenomenal speed in recent years. Dominated by sportswear brands since many years, the casual shoe market has seen the emergence of other players with different inspirations.

Among them, we have the inevoidable brand Common Projects and its love for simple fabrications. The brand was created following a simple observation: No brand offered sneakers with discreet finishes.

Highlighted by rappers like Kanye West and Jay Z, Common Projects sneakers have literally transformed the image of the casual shoe. With this range, the brand decided to take the opposite direction from its competitors by offering sleek designs.

Inspired by the Bauhaus movement, the Common Projects sneakers legend was created far from the ostentatious stands of its competitors. Indeed, this range, composed of the Achilles and Bball essential, is presented in its simplest form.

The emblematic Common Projects Achilles

Emblematic brand model, the Common Projects Achilles is not exactly a sneaker, but not a city shoe either. It is considered an everyday shoe by its designers.

It can also be worn with a suit, shorts or jeans. The key is to let your desires and your creativity express itself. The shape of this model is inspired by the basics of the Chukka silhouette.

Famous for its design, the Achilles model is the first creation proposed by Peter and Flavio. You certainly know it since it has become the reference in modern footwear.

This pair is declined in different forms. Thus, we have the Achilles Low, the Retro Low and finally the Mid version, which we will present to you. Although they have quite similar bases, each of them has specific features that only reinforce the exclusivity of their design.

The Common Projects Achilles Low a basic men's wardrobe

Without further delay, let's start with the iconic Common Projects Achilles Low, which is no longer to be presented ... or almost. As we mentioned before, it is at the origin of the label's success.

Imagined to offer a simple vision of urban footwear, the brand did not fail to seduce sneaker fans. This ultra-minimalist UFO model has a double advantage with its casual curves with the DNA of a chic and refined shoe.

This foolproof minimalism model is crafted with care. It is usually adorned with a monochrome dress vamp. Sleek and chic, it is topped with gold lettering that indicates size, style and color code.

In finishing terms, we find here the requirement of the Common Projects brand. The one that shines with its artisanal design is enhanced by luxury leathers. The choice of materials enhances its comfort and durability.

The Common Projects Achilles Retro Low: a return to the 90s

More sporty, the Common Projects Achilles Retro Low differs from the original model. However, we find the same characteristics that have made the model famous today.

Designed to withstand the test of time, this pair also benefits from artisanal tailoring made in the brand's Italian workshops. What sets this model apart from the classic range is its two-tone upper.

As we said earlier, the first generation of Achilles comes in a monochrome declination, while the latter is nuanced at the heel. It is also equipped with eyelets on the lacing area, which reinforce its sporty look. Like its old sister, the Retro version retains its clean lines.

The Common Projects Achilles Mid an unequalled style

The Common Projects Achilles Mid is a perfect illustration of the brand's philosophy. Between a modern look and timeless features, this sneakers with its rising construction has a striking style.

In line with the low version, it offers fair and refined finishes. It is adorned with a monochrome vamp on which is stamped the inevitable lettering made with gold leaf. The whole is based on a resistant vulcanized rubber sole, appreciated for the comfort it provides.

This model has been designed to accompany both formal and informal outfits. However, it is clear that it will prove to be dazzling when combined with a casual outfit. So don't hesitate to combine it with jeans and a shirt.

The Common Projects Bball Collection

Common Projects Bball is the other star of the brand. With a sleeker design, it is much closer to a sneaker than a classic shoe. At least it does not remain versatile At least.

Appreciated for its casual style, this pair goes well with any kind of outfits, but it is really with a sportswear outfit that it proves to be stunning. A little wider than the Achilles, the Bball model has been designed to offer optimal comfort.

Chic and sporty, this model with impeccable aesthetics also benefits from a premium design. Handcrafted in the brand's Italian workshops, the Bball shines with its finishes and sleek look.

This pair is declined in different forms. Thus, we have the Bball High, the Bball Low, which we will present to you. Conceived on similar bases, they have specific features that only reinforce the exclusive character of their silhouette.

The Common Projects Bball Low: Sneakers with sporting DNA

The Common Projects Bball Low is an ode to basketball. Resolutely vintage, this sporty looking pair is no exception to the rule. Premium leather and handcrafted finishes sublimate this creation.

With its breathtaking design, this pair is inspired by the shoes that basketball players wore in the past. The retro detailing on the vamp is topped with leather inserts. Perforations in the front reinforce the shoe sporty character.

In other words, the Common Projects Bball is one of those rare sneakers that can sublimate your casual, sporty or dressed outfits. All you have to do is let your desires express themselves and it will take care of the rest.

Common Projects Bball High: the Bball heiress

A true legacy of old basketball shoes, the Common Projects Bball High will amaze all fans of retro sneakers, but not only. Indeed, this sporty style pair is still a staple of the modern men's wardrobe.

This model has the same characteristics as the Low version, with the only difference that it comes in a rising silhouette. Very versatile, it is one of those rare pairs that can fit any style.

Although the Bball High lives in the shadow of the Achilles, it is still a very popular shoe. In line with the other models mentioned above, the Bball High also stands out for its high-end finishes.

This sneakers imagined by Flavio and Prathan has everything to please, especially those who like vintage models that are both sober and seductive.

The success of the Common Projects sneakers is not insignificant and even arouses a certain admiration at Graduate. As a true reference, the brand has been able to get rid of the didacts imposed by sportswear brands to define a new trend.

With its Achilles and Bball models, it has literally transformed the sneaker market by working its products in a traditional way with ultra premium materials.

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