How to clean common projects ?

The Common Projects brand is known for offering creations with designs of rare accuracy. Each shoe is topped with premium materials and handcrafted. Designed to be durable, the Common Projects shoe is nonetheless an exceptional product that requires special consideration..

It is then in all logic that we will give you the keys to make your tainted pair, the lightening of your best outfits. We will give you all the advice you need on how to clean and maintain your Common Projects.

Give a second life to your Common Projects

The care of Common Projects shoes may seem simple at first glance. Although cleaning is within everyone's reach, one must keep in mind that this operation requires a minimum of equipment.

To carry out an effective cleaning, we recommend to provide you with suitable cleaning products for leather shoes. We therefore advise you to opt for lotions specially designed for this purpose. The Jason Mark brand is recognized for the effectiveness of its products.

Steps for effective cleaning

All you have to do is dilute ¼ with 2 cups of hot water and you have your homemade cleaner!

It is advisable to remove the laces to access the rod and clean them separately, this will make it easier to access certain areas.

An additional tip for your laces, put them in a container with warm water in which you will dilute your cleaning solution for 1 to 2 minutes. Then scrub with a brush and let it rest.

Next, take a soft bristle brush and brush all over the shoe to dislodge large particles that could damage the leather for further cleaning. Then take a damp microfiber cloth and wipe the upper. Continue, cleaning the outsole of the shoe to remove simple stains. For more efficiency, do not hesitate to use special wipes for the soles.

Finally, soak a hard bristle brush in warm water and apply cleaner. Begin by gently scrubbing with circular motions, starting with the outsole, which is often more difficult to clean. Dry your shoes and you're done. You're giving your pair a second youthfulness!

Aging seams and stubborn stains

To improve the condition of your pair, you can apply a thin layer of leather shoe cream to nourish and restore the leather fibers and to lighten the seams. Once again, we recommend the Jason Mark brand and its range. For scuffs and deeper scratches, do not hesitate to apply more cream.

You will have understood it, the use of the washing machine to clean its Common Projects is prohibited. Leather cannot be washed in the washing machine and requires an adapted care.

Once all operations are completed, do not hesitate to apply a protector. You will be able to polish the leather shoes. After drying, take a dry cloth and polish any excess cream.

You can now put the laces back on your shoes and also put on, if possible, some waterproofing shoe spray that will protect your pair from future dirt stains.

What about the Chelsea Boot?

The Chelsea Boot Common Projects is the only shoe in the range to benefit from a unique design. Indeed, it is made of suede. Its cleaning will therefore be done differently.

For superficial stains, do not hesitate to use a suede and nubuck gum. Be careful to use it with care to avoid damaging your suede. Rub delicately with a very light pressure.

You will have to rub the boots, insisting on the stains, with a brush soaked in slightly diluted white vinegar. Then rinse with a brush moistened with water. Allow to dry away from a heat source.

When the boots are dry, sprinkle them with talcum powder and brush dry to give them back their fluffy side.

Shoe cleaning no longer holds any secrets for you! Don't forget to check this article frequently in the future, it could be useful for you. Find more information in our guide that will help you to strengthen your knowledge and in particular to know how to size Common Projects.

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