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Recognizing a real Polo Ralph Lauren sweater

Ralph Lauren has no shortage of choices when it comes to sweaters. Iconic, must-have pieces from the classic American wardrobe offered in a wide range of colors and crafted with high quality materials available at Graduate Store in-store or online..

Unfortunately, like many high-end designers, Ralph suffers from plagiarism that claims many victims, especially among online consumers. While some counterfeit clothing is easy to identify, as described in our article Ralph Lauren Counterfeit Clothing, we'll give you here some tips on how to recognize a real Polo Ralph Lauren sweater.

What people say

Before you start, it's best to get your facts straight and eliminate any preconceived notions and avoid any false leads. As with many of today's top brands, Ralph Lauren sweaters are mass-produced in large quantities. A slight misalignment does not necessarily mean that a sweater is counterfeit.

In addition, we must not forget that clothes have a life and can patina with time, on our article "The New Season And Collection Polo Ralph Lauren" you will learn more about the brand creator's philosophy and his relationship to vintage.

Also, many people think they have a nose for spotting a counterfeit based on the "Made in ..." claim on the garments. Unfortunately, Ralph Lauren has long since outsourced its production. A large part of the polo shirts are made in China and another part in Sri Lanka. The shirts and sweaters are usually made in Hong Kong. We can also find the creations of the designer in Cambodia, Vietnam and Pakistan. It is therefore no longer possible to consider the country of origin as a good indicator.

Observe the logo

There's no secret about it: authentication means a close look at the logo. At Ralph's, the logo must be perfectly embroidered with a clear shape. The horse seam must be carefully embroidered without loose threads. It is located at the top left of the sweater, the tail is clearly visible and its right rear leg is stretched out.

You should also see the outline of the character's leg clearly. On a replica, the leg often lacks clarity and blends in with the horse's body. Also be sure to compare the color of the logo on the official website.

Examine the sweater from all angles

To verify authenticity, what you should look for is consistency. The weave and texture should be uniform throughout the sweater. On the reverse side, it is important to be able to easily define fine, even seams and the same stitch should be used on all seams.

For more general advice on the brand's clothing, in addition to that of our in-store salesperson, read the article "Ralph Lauren Counterfeit Clothing". We tell you everything about the size, the fabric, the seams of the pieces, so you'll never be cheated.

Be careful with your observation though. It can be quite difficult to spot, and requires a little experience. A real sweater does not mean that it will not have a single loose thread. Likewise, a fake Polo shirt does not mean it will have loose threads.

Take some measurements

If you have the opportunity to try the sweater on, check that the measurements of the torso, sleeves and collar are proportional. Indeed, the authenticity of a PRL sweater depends primarily on its fit and size.

As for the shirts, the designer has developed different cuts of sweaters to fit any morphology and reinvent its classics. All sweaters are carefully designed, so we recommend that you compare the measurements of your sweater with an official size guide.

The label sign of quality 

On all products of the brand, you will find a label inside the collar. The inscriptions should be easily readable and without spelling mistakes. On high quality replicas, they can be very similar to the authentic products, but very often you will notice a difference in the fabric, thus decreasing the quality of the products and their lifespan. On the Internet, look at the image of an official and compare it to the one on your garment. A small change in font or spacing can indicate that the product is fake.

On the left side seam of the sweater, you should find the care instructions. This should have a ® and clean, evenly spaced text.A counterfeit will have illegible characters or will not show the "trademark". Nevertheless, the differences can be very subtle. Don't hesitate to stop by a retail store to compare labels. To finish with the tabs, pay attention to the one indicating the price of the sweater. A high-end brand like PRL doesn't skimp on this and uses a fabric ribbon to attach it to the garment.

Examine the buttons

If you're going for a button-down design, like a cardigan, the buttons should be neatly attached in cross-stitch, using the same color thread as the garment. Also, they should have the brand's logo.