Ralph Lauren Counterfeit Clothing

Genius and creation lead to a powerful identity. A powerful identity leads to success. Success leads to mainstream, mainstream leads to counterfeit.
 If you're afraid of buying a fake Polo Ralph Lauren, read the right article because we will see how, with a little common sense, you can observe the logo, pay attention to the label but also see the differences on the mother of pearl buttons.

Polo Ralph Lauren, often imitated, never equaled?

Either their polo, their shirts or their knitwear, these are clothes that can be found in a large number of locker rooms or that you have surely worn at least once.

For good reason, the brand has established itself for over half a century as a must-have in the ready-to-wear world, and stands out thanks to its iconic embroidered logo, among other things. It is precisely the simplicity of this detail that makes it a garment copied and falsified.

Big logo Ralf Lauren

However, don't get me wrong! If the successful brand has managed to make a place for itself, it is not only thanks to its little horse! But thanks to clothes with a quality fabric, with finishes without comparison with the counterfeits that you can find on the market. A counterfeit item can also involve poor quality fabrics or poorly assembled, which also impacts their lifespan.

To read more about the brand's philosophy, please see our online article "Ralph Lauren: From The Bronx To The Olympic Games", which looks back at the designer's life. From his beginnings as a clothing salesman, to a lifestyle empire as shown in the article "Ralph Lauren And Books", also online, which looks at one of the lesser known aspects of the brand.

Here are some tips and advice that will help you identify a fake and avoid falling on the dark side of the force, either by making a bad deal by buying an imitation, or by feeding a parallel economy that is often not very shiny.

Recognizing A Real Polo Ralph Lauren Sweater ?

Let's start with an essential wardrobe basic, and a question we are often asked. Recognizing A Real Polo Ralph Lauren Sweater ? As you may have guessed, we are not going to answer this precise question here, since a link is provided to send you to a text that addresses the question with many answers.

We explain all the right methods and techniques to study your sweater from every angle to ensure that it is an authentic item of the American label. There's nothing sadder than wearing a fake that doesn't carry the inimitable feel of the real thing!

A little common sense

First of all, and if this detail may seem trivial to you, it is obviously the price. Don't expect to see R-L items at cheap prices in stores. Outside of the annual collections, their timeless pieces are rarely on sale and sell out continuously, regardless of the season.

So if you're faced with a salesperson or ad promising 56% off classic caps or shirts, it's most likely a scam or a knock-off. Then, if you still find yourself with a piece that you doubt is authentic, there are several small details that will help you make up your mind.

Also, check out our tips for finding the right shirt with our article "Size Guide: How to Size Ralph Lauren?". You'll know everything about the brand's clothes that will suit you best.

Everything can hang by a thread

First, look at the rider. If this detail is apparently easy to do, it is very common to see counterfeits so badly made that this embroidery alone allows you to detect the deception in the garment. Keep in mind the size and proportions of the logo and the direction of weaving of an original, and you may have to play the game of 7 differences against a fake.

The shape of the mallet, the arch of the horse, the tail, the raised harness details are all points you can pay attention to and are usually very hard to copy identically without the original files.

big logo Ralfe Lauren

Next, examine the stitching. Keep in mind that these products are supposed to be made to a certain standard. The seams will very often be very clean and straight and parallel to the edges.

Don't hesitate to inspect the garment right side up as well as left side down, the neatness of a garment on the unseen parts often says a lot about its level of finish.

Look at the labels

Another source of error in counterfeit products is the collar label.
Most of the time, an original will actually be composed of several labels: the brand label, the size label, and sometimes a label indicating the cut according to the products (for example for shirts).

If you have a doubt about the authenticity, do not hesitate to compare with a product you are sure of the origin, for example by looking on their website.

Of course, spelling mistakes or typography that is too different are indications of counterfeit labels.

The button war

Buttons can also be subject to fakes. On items such as shirts, polo shirts or even knits, the attention to detail is often pushed to the limit: they will generally be fixed with a cross stitch and in a thread matching the color of the fabric. The opposite can be a sign of imitation.

boutons nacrés Ralph Lauran

Report your counterfeit items

Many resale sites such as Leboncoin or Vinted are full of fake items sold at new prices, and some users may find themselves confused when they receive the products.

To avoid any inconvenience, it is therefore preferable to go to a store and ask a salesperson for advice, to buy products on the websites of the brands concerned or via legitimate, approved sellers. This is the only way to be 100% sure of the origin of your items and their potential lifespan. By the way, don't hesitate to take a look at our selection of Ralph Lauren!

magasin ralph Laurn

If you find a fake, don't hesitate to report it on specialized platforms such as the brand's website in the customer relations section, dedicated to counterfeits, or to the company or platform where you made your purchase.

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