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Size guide: How do APC Shirts for Men and Women Fit?

Jean Touitou and Judith Touitou, a couple who knew how to unite and revolutionize the fashion world. In 1987, A.P.C (Atelier de Production et de Création) was born from their union. Today, after 34 years of existence, the brand has a worldwide reputation and is hailed for its authenticity, its committed vision and its humanity.

The complementary nature of the Touitou couple is no longer in question, as Judith is in charge of artistic direction, while Jean has a strong vision, with a strong sense of detail. Over the years, the brand has been able to evolve and develop by collaborating with famous personalities such as Catherine Deneuve, Kanye West, but also with other labels like RTH, JJJJound or Brain Dead.

Kanye West x APC

Let’s get to the heart of the matter, the textile. If I tell you A.P.C. what kind of piece do you think of? Yes, it is likely that the very first thing that comes to your mind will be the famous denim pants or jeans. But don’t get me wrong, the know-how of the brand does not only reside in the making of denim pieces, but also in the textile such as sweaters or other shirts.

In this article we will focus on shirts, their cuts, their differences, how they fit and how to make the right choice according to different morphologies. You can also learn more about the brand's clothes by checking out our article: "Size Guide: How to Size APC for Men and Women ? Our Advice.", we discuss the topic of sweaters, iconic jjeans of the brand.

The different types of shirts at A.P.C.

The French label does not lack inspiration for its shirt collections. Every season, there are new and innovative models with more and more advanced designs. The label offers several types of shirts so that you can have the ideal model according to your outing occasions.

The range of men’s shirts offers rather classic types of shirts. First, we will talk about the shirts most used in everyday life. The casual shirts of the French label are colorful with often original patterns that bring a touch of originality to the piece. There is no doubt that A.P.C. excels in creating shirts suitable for a casual or relaxed occasion.

We can also find another type of classic for occasions a little more formal, the slim-fitted shirts. The label offers shirts rather sober and classic, but taking advantage of the quality of manufacture and their impeccable know-how. Ideal for the arrival of the summer, the label also offers shirts to accompany your lighter looks to make the most of the sunshine in style. 

Chemise Vincent

We also can’t miss the brand’s legendary denim shirts. The reputation of their know-how on raw denim is not to be repeated. These shirts will be ideal for a raw denim ensemble of the most beautiful effect. If you want a set of raw denim clothes and especially a pair of pants to have thighs matching your top, you can find our advice on how to select your size on our article Size guide: how do APC jeans fit? However, be careful with your raw denim clothes, as they don’t need the same care as more traditional clothes. To make sure you clean your raw denim pants properly, you can check out our article How To Wash APC Jeans? Our Advice On Washing. 

For the women’s catalog, we’re going to find blouses, shirts and blouses instead. The blouses will allow you to layer while remaining harmonious. These are the ideal pieces for a play of materials of the most beautiful effect. The label’s shirts and blouses are perfect for both casual and formal events. The quality of the fabric and the know-how of the brand bring a real versatility to each piece. We will detail the women’s catalog in more detail in the next paragraph.

A.P.C shirts for women

In this part we will talk more in depth about the shirts made by the Parisian brand. First of all, please note that if you are looking for a shirt, you will have the choice between long and short sleeves.

Among the iconic models of the brand we will find, the Cleo, the Gaby, the Pascale, the Marina, the Boyfriend and finally the Gina. You will tell me, it’s nice to have the name of the models, but what are the differences? Everything comes to those who wait. Concerning the different cuts, there are 6 different ones: the Boxy, the Straight, the Short, the Classic, the Wide and finally the Wide Straight.

Chemise femme APC

Now let’s talk about the specifics of this whole mountain of different cuts. The Boxy offers a square design and therefore with a lot of volume, the right one submits a much more formal vision of the shirt. Let’s move on to the wide cut that you will find on the Boyfriend models, as its name indicates, it is a more formal interpretation with a design resolutely more masculine but providing a lot of flexibility.

A.P.C. offers a wide range of shirts with characters that are their own according to their cuts or patterns. Now that you know the shirts, do you also know the blouses? No? Then look down a little…

A.P.C. blouses for women.

First of all, before launching into a whole bunch of explanations on all the models and their cuts, do you really know where the blouses come from? It is in antiquity that this piece was born and that it was democratized, thereafter, it was diverted for a medical use, but A.P.C (Atelier de Production et de Création) sees the thing differently, they decided to appropriate this piece and to reinterpret it within their range woman.

Today, the blouse is declined in 8 models all different from each other, whether in terms of materials, weaving, pattern, etc.. The brand has an undeniable taste for quality items with strong materials, so you will find mainly blouses declined in silk or cotton.

Blouse APC

Let’s get to the point, the fabric and the weaving method, the brand is diversifying more and more and offers today 6 different weaving methods, here is a small selection: the Habutai silk which is a very old weaving method and is back in fashion for more comfort. Twill is a fabric that is characterized by the appearance of small stripes on the garment giving it depth and texture.

Go for the panache, let’s talk about the material crepe, this fabric is the result of a weaving and twisting of fibers between them creating a granular effect and very very textured.

Now that you are aware of all the different types of blouses available from A.P.C., all you have to do is make your choice by taking into account the cuts, designs and materials that will make you look good, but above all that you like.

A.P.C shirts for men

We are now going to focus on the men’s category so that you can find the ONE that best suits you and add a nice piece to your wardrobe. Before looking for the right size, you need to choose the right model between the different types of shirts. Between the shirts Léandre, Hector, 92, Janis, Vincent, Conrad, Joe, Mark, Barthelemy …, you can get lost!

To search efficiently, we advise you to choose your model according to the cut you are looking for (straight, wide, slim…), the occasion (formal, casual…), the material (cotton, silk etc...), according to the color and the different morphologies.

Chemise homme APC

The Parisian label offers us the chance to dress for all circumstances. Once you’ve found your gem, you still need to choose the right size. As for the choice of sizes, the label offers several solutions:

  • Universal sizes
  • European sizes
  • Italian sizes

This choice of size allows us to be quite precise according to the knowledge of each. If you do not know your European or Italian size, we advise you to refer to your universal size and to take your usual size or a size above according to your morphology. However, to be sure, we will explain in the next paragraph how to take your measurements and know perfectly your measurements to choose the perfect piece.

Guide to taking measurements

To choose the right fit, we recommend you take two measurements: the garment’s measurement and your measurements. To measure your top, there are three measurements to take on the garment. The first is the length from armpit to armpit. To do this, simply take your tape measure and measure the distance between the two armpits on a horizontal plane.

The second measurement to take is the length of the sleeve. To do this, simply measure the sleeve from the wrist to the shoulder seam. To make it easier for you, measure along the top edge line.

Finally, the last measurement is the length of your top. Be careful not to take the measurement at the buttons, as this will be wrong. You need to start at the top of the armhole of the piece and work your way down to the bottom of the sleeve.

Once these three measurements are done, you now know the dimensions of your garment. To know if this one will fit you perfectly, you just have to take your measurements on three precise parts of your body.

Taille Tour de Poitrine (en cm) Longue buste (en cm)
XS 86 - 91 67,5
S 91 - 96 69,5
M 96 - 101 71,5
L 101 - 106 73,5
XL 106 - 111 75,5

The first will be your chest size. Don’t hesitate to have someone accompany you to take this measurement, as it should be taken around the most prominent part of your chest. This measurement corresponds to the length (multiplied by 2) from armpit to armpit during the measurement of your top made before.

Next, you will need to measure your neckline to find out the diameter of your neckline. To do this, wrap your tape around your neck below the Adam’s apple and place your index finger between the collar and the tape to leave a significant margin for your comfort.

Finally, to measure your sleeve length, start at the beginning of your shoulder (at the bone) and go down to your wrist.

Now all you have to do is refer to the size chart below to find out exactly what size fits you best and not make any more mistakes for your next purchases. To finish, we give you a little tip to know visually if a shirt suits you. Make sure that the seams at the beginning of the sleeve are at the level of the bone at the end of your shoulder, that it does not serve you too much at the level of the chest and that the sleeves stop just above your wrist.

It is also important to specify that A.P.C having strongly diversified their collections, it is quite possible to make an outfit from top to bottom with the effigy of the brand. Take for example a Charles jacket or a Mac Nickols type coat, to continue the outfit choose the top of the bottom of your choice, for women a Temple dress is very appropriate. Finish the outfit with a nice pair of Eddie shoes or other sandals for the summer. The brand offers prices that can be quite high, so you may have to tighten your belt a little for a 100% A.P.C. look but as they say the game is worth the candle.

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