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Size Guide: How do APC jeans fit?

In 1987, Jean Touitou and his wife Judith Touitou decided to start a business together in the world of fashion and textiles. A.P.C (Atelier de Création et de Production) became the name of their clothing brand. Today, this couple has created a French brand known throughout the world and which has a strong identity of its own. The brand has unveiled many collections over the years, but one material and one piece stands out in their range, the canvas blue jeans. It is important to note that if you are looking for more information on the different clothes that the brand offers the article: "Size Guide: How to Size APC for Men and Women ? Our Advice", will undoubtedly answer your questions.

Denim APC

Indeed, APC excels in the work of jeans and manages to develop pieces strong in character and history.

As you will have understood, through this article, we will talk about this icon of the brand and give you some tips on how its latest cuts.

The A.P.C Jean

Jean Touitou has a very pure vision and a simple style, he works hand in hand with his wife who is the artistic director of the brand. Their two visions combined lead to the creation of effective pieces that transpire the DNA of the brand. Although the jeans are the piece that we will dissect in this article, you can also find an article Size Guide : How Do APC Sweaters Size ?, if you want to learn more about the typical knits of the brand. Also the Parisian brand, offers a range of APC bags, card holders, pouches and other leather goods.

First of all, before talking about sizes and other specifications of APC denim, it is essential to know the available cuts. The French brand offers a total of 9 different cuts, including 5 for women and 4 for men. Among the men’s cuts, we will find the Standard, the small standard, the new standard and the small new standard. A pair of jeans is a robust piece, so it is important to take into account your morphology and the specificities of the cut when trying on or buying them.

poche arrière jean apc

Regarding the women’s cuts, you will find the standard high, the narrow short, the straight, the standard jeans and the sailor. Through its cuts, it is suitable for more feminine morphologies by playing on the shapes of the latter, on the other hand if you prefer the mixed models the standard will be appropriate wonderfully.

Through all its variations, A.P.C. has reinvented and reappropriated the jean, thanks to this it will suit various morphologies, both male and female.

Choosing the right denim

Although A.P.C (workshop of production and creation) proposes a broad range of jeans, it is not hard to find there and thus to choose the ideal cut. At first, let’s talk about basins, three possibilities are offered to you from the low to the high, to choose it depends exclusively on your personal feelings and how you want to wear the pants.

If you prefer to wear it close to the navel and you want to put your buttocks forward then the high waist is for you conversely if you are looking for comfort and lightness then the low waist (worn at the waist) will be an ally of weight.

Intérieur jeans

Now, let’s talk about the cut, the APC Jeans, Minimalism and Expertise can have a straight cut, a fitted cut or a very fitted cut. To make it simple, the more the cut is straight, the less the pants will be close to the body and it will be less tapered. It is therefore important to choose it according to your legs, your thighs and therefore your morphology, it also depends on how you like to wear your clothes, the more the cut will be straight, the more you will have amplitude. As our dear Marcel Proust would say, to each his own madeleine!

Small technical point, did you know that denim is a fabric made from woven cotton, and has its origins in… Nîmes! Although this material was democratized in the 18th century, it is still very trendy today.

Take your measurements

To conclude this article, we are going to give you some small advices of measure not to make a mistake when you buy your jeans. Several parameters are essential if you want to feel comfortable, the first is the width of the hips to do take a pant in which you feel good and then measure it from left to right.

In a second time, the length of leg, just like the previous operation measure the outer seams of the pants from the waist to the bottom of the legs.

Ourlet jean APC

Jeans also have their own system of notation, most often you will be confronted with this kind of notation: 26/27. In this case, at the house. A.P.C, a 26/27 corresponds to an XS. Their range is accessible up to XXL which corresponds to a 36/37, for a M you will find 30/31, etc.

As presented previously, the A.P.C. jeans are a classic of the genre, today they can be found all over the world and no longer need to prove their high quality to everyone. The quality of the Japanese cotton canvas brings an enormous added value to the piece. It also seems important to specify that A.P.C also has a real mastery in the making of Tote Bag in jute or denim, we tell you more in our article "Tote Bag APC - The Bag Of An Atelier De Production". 

A little style advice, if you want to fall in love with a beautiful jean, take a raw one and wash it very lightly to obtain an optimal wash on the thighs, hips and knees which will bring color and texture. Once worn properly, they’ll be your fashionable companion wherever you go.

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