Size Guide : How do APC sweaters size ?

A.P.C., which stands for Atelier de Production et de Création, is a brand that was created in France in 1987 by Jean Touitou, its founder. The design of this brand is distinguished by rather sober lines with rather ample silhouettes and very beautiful finishes. The French label is well known for the quality of its raw denim, but also offers a wide range of clothing and exceptional pieces (dress, pants, denim, coat, bag, skirt, shoes ...). You can find all our A.P.C products on our Graduate Store shop but you can help us to choose the right size for your products, thanks to our article Sizing Guide : How To Size APC For Men And Women ? Our Advice. Now that you've found your rare pearl that will delight your look, it's time to select the right cut and we'll help you choose the size of a sweater from the Atelier de Production et de Création that will fit you best.

The different collars of the sweaters

There is a multitude of collars for a sweater apc, which will give it a singular identity and whose appearance should not be overlooked depending on the occasions, materials and the look sought. We are going to present them all to you and we are going to give our advice so that you can know which collar corresponds to which occasion.

First of all the round neck sweater, it is the most basic collar. It follows the circumference of your neck forming a circle while being more or less wide depending on the model.

APC Sweater

The V-neck sweater is more modern with a deeper opening towards the chest in the shape of a V. It is ideal to wear a shirt of another color with. Feel free to consult our "Sizing Guide: How do APC Shirts for Men and Women Fit?" to find your perfect match.

The turtleneck sweater is a must-have for a neat and stylish look. It's a tube neck that folds in on itself, slightly molding the neck, giving you a sleeker silhouette.

The stand-up collar sweater is a variation of the turtleneck. It is a stand-up collar that comes on the neck, but without necessarily molding it. Ideal to bring a more formal style to his look.

The zipped collar will bring a casual touch to your garment thanks to its front closure.

The trucker collar sweater is also a must-have for a casual style thanks to its zipper and its slight folding on itself.

The shawl collar is the most original collar. With its low falling curve, this collar will bring elegance and originality to your outfit.

Finally, the classic for casual or dressy outfits, the button-down collar sweater that closes with several buttons.

Do not neglect the type of fabric that your sweater has, because depending on the material, the pieces and the collar can be more or less thick. That's why we've written an article on "How To Wash APC Jeans? Our Advice On Washing." to give you tips on how to wash your favorite APC clothes without fear of damaging them.

How to know if a sweater fits

Now that you've selected your perfect piece for your occasion, it would be a shame not to choose the right size and ruin all your efforts despite our advice. Knowing if a sweater fits you perfectly is something quite simple. You just have to look at the three most important points that will allow you to never make a mistake when shopping.

First of all, start by looking at the shoulders. The seam must fall at your "shoulder bone", but never after. If you find this seam further than the end of your shoulders, it will give a "drooping shoulders", the worst effect.

Then for the length of your sleeves, it should ideally arrive in the palm of your hand. If they are too long, they may make your daily movements uncomfortable and therefore your sweater ends up at the bottom of the closet. 

The lower ribs of your sweater should fall a little lower than your belt.

Finally, for your torso, this is a little more personal. Choose the one you like the most and feel the most comfortable in.

APC Sweater

Note that during this fitting, it is important to wear something underneath, because a sweater is never worn without anything underneath.

Now, if you want to be sure of yourself and choose the perfect fit for an online purchase, we will explain how to take your measurements perfectly.

Measurement guide to choose the right size

Before taking your ribbon and starting to take your measurements, A.P.C offers on its website, an interactive size guide by entering step by step your morphology and the desired fit.

First, your chest size. To do this, measure the most prominent part of your chest to get the widest measurement possible. We advise you to have someone help you to get the most accurate measurement possible. At the same time you can match your sweater with a Tote Bag APC - The bag of an Atelier De Production, the best companion for an urban escapade.

Do not let this person leave after measuring your chest size, as they will be essential to measure your back length. Start at the bottom of your neck and follow your spine to your lower back. This measurement will always be useful so keep it in mind for other types of clothing. This is a must measure so you don't end up with a too short sweater.

Refer to the following size guide to find your size.

Size Chest size ( Cm ) Length of the sweater ( Cm )
XXS 81 - 86 65.5
XS 86 - 91 67.5
S 91 - 96  69.5
M 96 - 101 71.5
L 101-106 73.5
XL 106-111 75.5
XXL 111-116 77.5

Now that you know everything about A.P.C. sweaters, all you have to do is play with the fabric and the color of your sweater in order to be in perfect harmony with your pants, dress, coat, skirt, bag, shoes, etc.

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