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Tote Bag APC - The bag of an Atelier De Production.

APC (Atelier de Production et de Création) is a French brand founded by Jean Touitou in 1978. Initially known for its ready-to-wear and raw denim, apc has also made a name for itself in the world of leather goods and accessories. Based in Paris, the label has been offering for thirty years perfectly cut clothes with premium materials such as jeans, cardigans, sandals, parka... The pieces inspired by the workwear and minimalist trend of the 90s have conquered the four corners of the world. You can find all the pieces of the label on our shop Graduate Store to bring a workwear touch to your wardrobe.

Today we will focus on only a few pieces of apc. An accessory for everyday use that should not disappoint us. The production workshop offers The APC Bag, Classic, Timeless And Modern but also totes bag and it is precisely them that will interest us.

The APC totes bag

Before looking at the products of the apc label, we will first see together what a tote bag is. The concept of the tote bag was born at the beginning of the XXth century with the British letter carriers. This concept of "light canvas bag" was taken over by Berlin supermarkets before becoming a fashion accessory in 2010.

Became a real essential for the beautiful seasons, these summer bags with logo have conquered the heart of fashion lovers because it has no compartment limitation.

This object is often made of printed canvas, canvas with pockets or a striped canvas with a sailor style print.

The French label is already known for its small leather goods that we present in the article mention above but now it lands in the middle of the tote bag.

The Parisian label offers a range of tote bags made of raw jeans inside and nylon outside. We find the classic Tota Laurent, Tote Laure which are the flagship models of apc. However we also find tote bags a little more sophisticated as the Cabas maiko.

Tote bag A.P.C

Many collaborations were born thanks to this accessory. In particular the A.P.C x Sacai collection with the Shopping Candy tote bag or the Sacai bag tote bag which are tote bags with printed logo.

These pieces will combine perfectly with raw denim from the Atelier de Production label, such as the famous Butler Jeans that we present in our article "APC Butler Jeans By Jean Touitou."

You can find out more about the jeans in our article "APC Jeans, Minimalism And Expertise", which looks at the brand's contribution to the great history of one of the most iconic garments of the 20th century.

The A.P.C x Sacai collaboration

The collaboration between the French brand apc and the Japanese label gave birth to a fusion between denim and nylon through an excellent game of layering. We find several pieces from the production of this collaboration : a parka, pants, sandals ... and including a Sacai bag.


This canvas printed S.A.P.C.A.I has managed to stand out and become a flagship piece of the collection by surfing on the fashion of the tote bag with printed logo. The Tote Holly and the Shopping Candy will easily accompany a jeans look and become a real must-have item for your outings.

How to wear an apc tote bag

It is logical to wonder how and with what to wear this new accessory that will delight many. The first thing you think is that it can easily replace a handbag and indeed it can. However, be careful because it is a bag with large straps and fabric so very malleable.

It can be used to store your things (keys, wallet ...). It is a bag without closure, so you must be careful with your things that can easily be targeted by thieves. Some tote bags can also be transparent, making discretion almost impossible, not to mention the fact that your bag will take the shape of the content.

The tote bag can be an alternative but be careful what you put in it. For a more utilitarian and secure solution, it is quite possible to keep your main purse for your 'precious' stuff and also have a tote bag to accompany your outfit.

But the main use of a tote bag will be during the summer and your beach sessions. It is THE bag for this type of occasion.

The perfect friend for a successful summer

It is sure that when the sun rays and the first heat arrive, the tote bags are not going to be long in coming out too. And for that, there is nothing like an A.P.C tote bag to tidy up your mess and make the most of your outing with ease.

Sacai X RTH

It is the star of the beaches and it is not for nothing. Its unstructured and simple opening side makes it an extremely easy to use tote bag while remaining light. It also allows you to carry objects without having a bag on your back, which is more pleasant when it is hot.

Several models and types of capacities are available for these bags but they have the ideal size to contain your towels, beaches, your cardigan, your sandals or other accessories.

The Different Types of Tote Bags

Even if the tote bag keeps a rather common and recognizable shape, there are several types.

The first one is the 'Uni' tote bag, as its name indicates, it is a tote bag on a plain tone, very classic but which can be easily adjusted to a seasonal look.

Then there is the reversible model, a very interesting model that makes it more a fashion element complementary to your look than a carry bag. It allows you to easily adjust your tote bag to your look while keeping the same piece, which is not a bad thing to save money.

Now we will talk about the most common model, the logo printed model. The flagship model of the French label is a printed tote bag. This allows to add a stylish touch to the tote bag and to characterize it as a fashion accessory.

Finally, we will see the most summery model, which is the tote bag marinière. It is surely the one that has the most 'summer vibes' and that will correspond best for your beach sessions.