APC is a French brand founded by the designer Jean Touitou in Paris in 1987. Specializing in ready-to-wear and accessories for men and women, the label earns the loyalty of its peers for its minimalist Japanese canvas denim jeans. Based in Paris and distributed in a network of boutiques around the world.

The brand, whith is famous logo, draws its inspiration from the workwear, minimalist trends of the 1990s. The Parisian label has been striving for thirty years now to offer clothes with perfect cuts and qualitative fabrics (leather, wool, cotton, denim). A.P.C. product has managed to establish themselves as the chic and smart uniform with elegant lines around the world thanks to its network of boutiques. One of the best fashion brands.

For the fall/winter 2021 collection, they offer us a collection full of charm with elegant and sophisticated silhouettes. Distinguished by colorful designs, but not without originality. You will find a selection of creations, known as classic, dominated by monochrome designs, but also more extravagant clothing for men. We offer free shipping in France beyond the price of 150 euros.

The Paris-based label demonstrates its uncommon know-how by creating clothes and accessories (leather half-moon bag) with timeless style and famous logo. Among them are the alan parka, sweater, coat, pants, peacoat, wool cardigan, and tee shirt as well as an extensive range of shirts. Accompanied by iconic items such as the Alan parka or the tibo coat.

For women, you can be seduced by the sandals, boots and ballerinas. But also by our selection of dress, skirt and shirt, or by the half-moon bag, an item that comes in different sizes and colors (black, blue, navy, white…). You know oh how much we value the smooth leather half-moon bag.

Concerned with detail, the Parisian production and design workshop craft its product with style, focusing on quality materials (wool, leather, cotton), and great logo. Like the Albane in black leather, a creation that reflects the conceptual philosophy advocated by the Parisian label, combining durability and portability. 

APC Jeans, Minimalism And Expertise

The success of the Parisian label A.P.C. is largely due to the quality of its pants and blue denim jeans! The APC blue jeans and its cotton fabric nicknamed “the Kevlar of jeans” is indeed of first-rate quality. The famous Petit Standard, its little brother the Petit New Standard and its cousin the New Standard have become a must-have in the Parisian wardrobe! To know everything about this emblematic item, go to our article available online APC Jeans, Minimalism And Expertise.

Who Is Jean Touitou, The A.P.C. Label Touch?

APC’s reputation is well established in France and around the world. One of the best fashion brands. But do you know who is behind this Parisian fashion empire? An iconic and charismatic figure of the fashion world, it is through the strength of his work that he was able to make his mark and make the APC logo a French monument with a worldwide reputation. It was therefore our responsibility to offer you an article that will allow everyone to know Who Is Jean Touitou, The A.P.C. Label Touch? You will learn more about this discreet designer with a strong character.

Sizing Guide: How To Size APC for Men and Women? Our Advice.

The Parisian label is today recognized for the quality of its creations of its various ranges. One of the best fashion brands. For 34 years the firm has been able to refine its know-how to make ever more qualitative clothing for your greatest pleasure (sweater, tee shirt, jacket, coat, bags, sweatshirt…). It is therefore important to select the right cut and size of clothing so that it fit you perfectly. We suggest you follow our Size Guide: How to size APC for Men and Women? Our advice in order to wear perfectly the clothing of this emblematic French brand of ready-to-wear. We offer free shipping in France beyond the price of 150 euros.

The APC Bag, Classic, Timeless And Modern

APC bags are classic of the brand. And in a more general way the line of leather goods has always been put forward, and of very high quality. With our article available online “The APC Bag, Classic, Timeless And Modern” you will know all about the reinterpretation of the half-moon, the very fashionable tote bags, without forgetting, of course, the clutches, wallet and card holder of high quality leather.

APC Interaction And Jean Touitou’s Label Collaborations.

If the French label was first known for its well-made blue denim jeans cut in a Japanese cotton fabric, it has continued to grow and develop a frank work through numerous collaborations. High quality, elegant work and logo, a refined line of clothing “à la française” are among the keys to the success of the collections initiated by the founder. Find all the “interactions” of the label through our article available online APC Interaction And Jean Touitou’s Label Collaborations to know all the unmissable clothing of the label. For the fall winter 2021 collection, the designer is collaborating with Suzanne Koller.

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