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The sweatpants is a type of comfortable and casual trousers originally created for sports. They are now highly prized for their comfort. They are typically made from cotton or fleece and...
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The sweatpants is a type of comfortable and casual trousers originally created for sports. They are now highly prized for their comfort. They are typically made from cotton or fleece and have an elastic waistband for ease. Sweatpants have become increasingly popular in recent years, which has attracted the attention of luxury brands. This has led to the emergence of higher-end models with superior quality materials and more elegant cuts. You can find a selection of them in our store.

The origin of sweatpants

The origin of sweatpants remains uncertain, but they are said to have originated in a university in the state of Oregon in the 1920s. University coaches reportedly started using fleece pants to dress their students during training sessions. Finding them very comfortable, without fasteners, with pockets, and made of a stretchy material, students decided to wear these pants outside of sports classes. Sweatpants quickly became popular across various American universities before becoming a common garment for both men and women.

The arrival of sweatpants in Europe

It is not exactly known whether sweatpants arrived in Europe in the 1950s or 1960s, but it started with the export of American products to France. The use of sweatpants was quickly adopted by the French for both sports and relaxation. Following this success, French brands began producing this style of pants, adapting them to European tastes. Today, sweatpants are a staple in the casual mixed wardrobe.

A trouser close to its neighbor, jogging

The jogging emerged around 1970 with the increasing popularity of running as a recreational exercise. Manufacturers started designing specific pants and tops for running, usually made from lightweight and breathable materials. These bottoms were designed to provide maximum comfort during running, with loose cuts and elastic bands at the waist and ankles for a perfect fit. Jogging was also adopted by professional athletes and sports teams, who started using jogging pants specifically designed for competitions.

However, it is important to note that despite their similarities, sweatpants are often thicker than jogging pants, which can be advantageous during physical exertion, especially in cold weather.

Graduate and sweatpants brands


The renowned brand Stone Island was born in 1982 in Ravarino, Italy. Specialized in high-end clothing and a pioneer of techwear, the label is known for its originality and technical expertise in creating its pieces. Today, its famous compass rose logo has become an icon in the fashion world.

Description of their model 313l1 jogger pant v0158 Verde oliva:

This cargo pant is made from stretch cotton canvas. It features a tapered fit, two concealed zippered welt pockets on the front, and a back pocket with a snap button. It also has two bellows pockets on the legs, closed with hidden snap buttons and adorned with the removable Stone Island patch on the left. Technically, this jogger pant has pre-shaped knees, ankles tightened with an elastic, and an adjustable waist with an internal drawstring.


Based on American aesthetics and lifestyle from the 1950s to the 1970s, Beams Plus breathes new life into classic American fashion, while respecting the Japanese craftsmanship. From preppy to sportswear to utilitarian clothing, their collections offer a modern masculine wardrobe with a subtle vintage touch.

Description of their model: Gym pants 6 pocket Navy.

The gym pants feature four snap-buttoned patch pockets. They also have adjustable elastic at the ankles and waist. This model is a flagship product of the brand, known for its style and comfort.


Aries is a luxury streetwear brand based in London. It is known for blending influences from 80s and 90s youth culture with high fashion. The brand offers a range of t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and caps.


Autry is an American shoe brand known for its retro-style sneakers. Its distinctive "A" logo and classic designs have made the brand a favorite among sneaker enthusiasts worldwide.

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