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The Ami Paris brand was born in 2010 thanks to Alexandre Mattiussi , who, after having been artistic director at Dior and Givenchy, wanted to create his own collection. The brand name comes...
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The Ami Paris brand was born in 2010 thanks to Alexandre Mattiussi, who, after having been artistic director at Dior and Givenchy, wanted to create his own collection. The brand name comes from the designer's initials, to which he added "Paris" to recall the origin of the firm's creation. The brand's sweaters are dark and uncluttered, with elegant colors and a clean logo. The real work that Ami puts into its sweaters lies in the materials and cuts that enable its garments to adapt to all morphologies. Alexandre Mattiussi's initial idea was to play with Parisian nonchalance, blurring the boundaries between chic and casual. For more information on the designer and his brand with a big heart, we invite you to read our article AMI by Alexandre Mattiussi.

The evolution of Ami Paris with its big-hearted logo

It's true that AMI gives the impression of not having changed, despite the passage of time. This brand, with its famous ami knitwear and emblematic red heart, has managed to retain its essence and characteristics, notably its casual, sophisticated elegance, while being cool and chic, creative, but with a certain accessibility. Over time, the ami brand has been able to collaborate with many brands, including magnum and the famous puma brand. It has also set up boutiques in many countries, including Korea and Germany. Its sober, heart-shaped logo is now recognized worldwide, not just in Paris.

In March 2022, they created their first second-hand shop, demonstrating the sustainability of their products and their commitment to ecology.

And let's not forget that this is a gender-neutral brand for everyone. Woman or man, Alexandre Mattiussi and his big heart make no difference. We invite you to read the article "AMI, l'homme pour la femme" on our blog to find out more.

Alexandre Mattiussi, a designer who has kept it simple 

Recently, Alexandre Mattiussi, creator of ami paris, was interviewed on the occasion of the brand's 9th anniversary, which may seem like a strange occasion to celebrate, but he announced with a touch of humor: "Ah, the 9th... Yes, I'm talking about it a lot right now, and I'm fine with that! Even though I still feel like a bit of an asshole, I tell myself that people must think I'm stupid with this story. But at the same time, it's my thing: I didn't want to celebrate AMI's 10th birthday, but the 9th, because it's more than a lucky number, it's there, you see (he points to his wrist, where the 9 is tattooed in Roman numeral)". He will also indicate that he still doesn't realize and is almost a little embarrassed when the television shows celebrities wearing ami bets. We can see here that Alexandre Mattiussi's intentions remain the same through time, which is why we trust ami Paris without worry.

The Ami Paris Seasons and Collections, created by French designer Alexandre Mattiussi, are brought together on our website or directly in Graduate Store to offer you a unique fashion experience. With the ami paris outlet category, you can now buy Ami Paris seasonal collections on special offer. Whether it's timeless pieces like shirts from their previous collections, you have the opportunity to discover past collections while retaining the elegance and quality that characterize the brand. Don't hesitate to visit the ami paris outlet page, where you'll find a wide range of men's and women's clothing on special offer at attractive prices.

About the ami paris shirt

One of the AMI Paris brand's signature products is the shirt. Available in a variety of cuts, colors and materials, AMI Paris shirts are designed to be worn casually with jeans or more formally with suit pants. The brand's classic shirt is made of high quality cotton, giving it optimal comfort and durability.

AMI Paris shirts are also designed to be easily paired with other brand pieces, such as the ami sweatshirt, ami pants or ami cap. The brand's casual style makes it possible to create comfortable, elegant outfits for any occasion.

How to wash your Ami Paris shirt 

To be sure to keep your shirt as long as possible, there are a few tips to follow for their washing, nothing very rocket science you will see:

  • Wash your shirts at 30°C, 40 max if it is really dirty
  • Dry your shirts on a hanger and never in the dryer
  • Sort and isolate very dirty laundry
  • Measure your detergent carefully and don't use too much 
  • Never leave wet laundry in a ball, otherwise bacteria may develop

How to choose the right size of your ami paris shirt?

To be sure to take the right size for your shirt, you have two options. The first is obviously to come and try on in store, or you look at our blog on the subject, if you want to take it in delivery.

Now you can ask yourself what shirt ami paris choose?

The Tonal big adc shirt from Ami Paris

The tonal big ads shirt from Ami Paris, is made from a thick cotton fabric, this unisex shirt has a boxy fit. For this piece, ami paris has chosen to embroider the brand logo in tone on tone at the chest. This shirt gives a classy style, while being able to be worn with jeans for a more casual style.

The Button-Down ADC Shirt by Ami Paris

The Button-Down ADC Shirt from AMI Paris is a stylish and refined shirt designed with high quality materials. It is made from white and black organic cotton to ensure optimal comfort and environmental friendliness. The shirt features a classic striped pattern that gives it a timeless look. The button-down collar allows for easy closure and a crisp fit throughout the day. The "Ami De Coeur" logo is embroidered in red on the chest, adding a touch of finesse to the shirt. The long sleeves with button cuffs allow for adjustment for a custom look. All in all, this Button-Down ADC shirt from AMI Paris is a perfect combination of style, comfort and eco-friendly quality. It will suit any occasion and any style.