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Seasons and Collections Ami Paris

As you're probably beginning to know, AMI Paris is a quality brand that is recognized the world over for its knitted sweater and sweatshirts featuring the big red heart. Since its creation in 2011, by the no less famous Alexandre Mattiussi, the brand has been doing fashion shows and collaborations of all kinds. With a growing power every year and the evolution of trends, AMI tends more and more to diversify both in their cuts and in their color palette.

Nowadays, the brand with the little red heart has not ceased to surprise us over the collections, renewing each season the cuts, colors and details of clothing stamped AMI Paris.

AMI Spring Summer 2018 : A libertarian fashion

Let's first focus on the wardrobe of the SS18 season. For this collection, Alexandre Mattiussi wants to arouse the desire to escape and liberation through a line or a cut. To do this, the designer will be based on the revisiting of two main movements. Before going further in our explanation we advise you to take a quick look at our article AMI Spring Summer 2018 : A libertarian fashion that comes back on all the specificities of this drop.

The first is the streetwear, at a time when we want to escape and take the air what better than to have a wardrobe both chic and comfortable.

The brand already offers street items, that's why they rework the schoolboy style by highlighting loose cuts, especially through embroidered hoodies, crewneck for example. But this is not their only asset, indeed, they also offer a pair of sneakers high in color to bring this famous side chic / comfort to your outfit.

AMI fall SS18

The second movement reworked is the kitsch. In popular belief, the kitsch is often associated with bad taste and has a side very you-know-who. And it is in this that we recognize the claw of Mattiussi, he offers clothes dressed as a trench coat, but with strong tones such as mint green, electric blue, etc..

In short, the success of drop is based on comfort, strong products and bright shades. We invite you to get out of your house and enjoy life with open arms.

AMI: An autumn full of surprises

Here we are already at the time of the dead leaves that fall little by little from the flowering trees. For this end of the year, the brand with the "A" returns in all simplicity with a collection as diverse as varied.

This drop is characterized by the diversity and simplicity of the wardrobe put forward. Among the items we will find, coats, hoodies, wool pants, the timeless Oxford shirt or knits full of life and color. You can, if you wish, discover our article AMI: An autumn full of surprises which deals with the history of this drop through a photo shooting.

AMI winter fall 2018

What particularly surprised us was the tracksuit that perfectly combines a street/casual spirit with a much more chic aspect. It's made with a tasty blend of polyester and cotton, giving it a silky look that's perfect for going out on any occasion.

AMI SS19: Sublimate the classics !

Now it's time to return to the sunny days of summer, with the spring 2019 wardrobe. Unlike the previous season, this one tackles big "pieces" of current fashion. It is through our article AMI SS19: Sublimate the classics ! that we come back in more detail on this collection at the forefront of Mr. Mattiussi's know-how.

If we had to characterize it, we would not take too many risks by stating the return of retro / chic. Make way for the Parisian label to bring the timeless bomber jacket, the half-zip, the denim jacket and the carrot cut pants back into the spotlight.

Ami drop SS 2019

As you know, reworking a timeless piece is a difficult task, it's a case of make or break. Nevertheless, in this case, Alexandre brilliantly demonstrates that a difficult task does not mean an impossible one. The ideal opportunity to demonstrate his hard-won know-how.

He puts forward bold combinations of materials, which he will then mix with unusual colors such as yellow past for example. Constantly in search of the perfect fit, it will be easy for you to associate any pieces between them without looking like a clown.

AMI FW19, Winter Elegance

Here we are at last, winter, the sad, cold season, but also, and above all, the fashion period. For this last drop of the year, it is with a huge work that AMI Paris returns in force. And bombards us with pieces all more effective than the others. In our article AMI FW19, Winter Elegance we approach this drop in detail to present you what makes it a real "classic" of the brand.

For this return in force, we find a little bit of everything, but what jumps out at us remains the very fashionable line of the drop. We attend ladies and gentlemen to the return of the suit. For his show the designer associates, oversized Oxford shirts with blazers, cropped pants and a hat. Combinations are all quite simple, but thanks to their cuts and other details, it makes them looks of character.

Ami FW 19

Of course, this kind of product is not necessarily accessible to all, so we also find more "classic" products such as tee-shirts in pastel colors and with huge embroidery on the upper torso, accompanied by beautiful knit sweaters, perfect to protect you from the cold.

It is already time to conclude, in short, AMI Paris is a brand with a character of its own. It has never ceased to renew itself over the seasons and at the same time to surprise us by releasing lines always more qualitative and worked, what a great success for the Frenchy who have undoubtedly marked the history.

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