How does Converse fit ?

From NBA flooring to catwalk catwalks, Chuck Taylor 70 sneakers have become cult references in the fashion industry. Not a week goes by without the brand unveiling new colors. Symbol of cool attitude, the Converse is timeless and trendy.

Above all it can be worn in spring as well as in winter. In short, you will have understood it is a basic to have in a modern wardrobe. Today, the brand offers a large number of shoes, including One Star, Jack Purcell or Run Star Hike ... As queens of metamorphosis, they come in a multitude of colors and each line will be unique.

Although they are mostly made of canvas and topped with a thick midsole, Converse sneakers are designed in a rather specific way. Once the model of Converse sneakers has been chosen, it remains to choose the right size ...

How does Converse fit ? This is a question we are regularly confronted with.

First of all, it is important to understand the different conceptual specificities of the shoes of the star brand. Indeed, it has an almost infinite range of products and each declination is made from a unique casting. Here are a few tips that will help you have a better understanding of the pairs: Ctas 70, Jack Purcell, One Star


How do Chuck Taylor 70s fit ?

how does fit  converse chuch taylor 70

At the Graduate Store, we offer a wide selection of Chuck Taylor 70s high, low and in all colors. Also known as Ctas 70, it stands out from the classic Converse Chuck Taylor! The 70s are recognizable by a reinforcement stitching on the outside of the front of the shoe, but also with a stronger structure and a thicker rubber sole for more comfort.

Recognized for its standing, it is particularly large compared to the other pairs of the Converse range. Try to choose the right size for your future Ctas 70. Even if the final decision will depend on the morphology of your feet and your sensitivity, we advise you to opt for a ½ at 1 size below your usual reference. This advice is all the more true as your foot is small.

Example :
- I usually wear a 39 Eur => I take a 38 Eur on a Chuck Taylor 70s
- I usually wear a size 44 Eur => I take a size 43.5 Eur on a Chuck Taylor 70s


What about the One Star ?

how does fit converse one star

For a few years now, Converse has brought back to the forefront one of its iconic models: the One Star! Available in different colors, it is not made of canvas and is usually presented in suede.

One can easily argue that this sneaker is a classic among classics. Approved by the skateboarders of the 90s and the street more generally, wearing a One Star is a bit like wearing a piece of history on your feet.


Like the Chuck Taylor 70s, this one is designed with a thicker sole. This allows for optimal comfort in the heel. On the other hand, the ankle collar is slightly raised, which can give the feeling that the shoe is big. We advise our customers in the store and on the e-commerce site to take ½ 1 size lower than usual.

Example :

- I usually wear a 39 Eur => I take a 38 Eur on a One Star
   - I usually wear a 44 Eur => I take a 43.5 Eur on a One Star

The Converse Jack Purcel, a more usual sizing

how does fit converse converse jack purcell

Now let's talk about the no less historic Converse Jack Purcell. Released in the spring of 1935, this line is named after the famous Canadian badminton world champion at the turn of the century. This model is recognizable by its rounded rubber tip that seems to smile at us. This assortment has a real identity, since it is one of the rare collections to be composed only of low versions.

Attention this model does not size the same as the others !!! The Converse Jack Purcell normally shoes unlike the One Star and Chuck Taylor 70s. We advise you to take your usual size if you choose the Jack Purcell.

Example :
- I usually wear a 39 Eur => I take a 39 Eur on a Jack Purcell
- I usually wear a 44 Eur => I take a 44 Eur on a Jack Purcell


To sum up, we can only encourage you to follow our seasoned advice to choose the size of your Converses as they differ from one model to another. If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you choose your pair of Converse.

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