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When Sunspel joins forces with the iconic brand Comme des Garçons

sunspel comme des garçons

Two brands. Two very distinct universes. The meeting of the timeless Sunspel with the unmistakable Comme des Garçons gives birth to a line of products with a pure and controlled design. Both brands have drawn on what they have mastered best: quality and choice of materials for one, design and modernity for the other. Merging two labels that everything seems to oppose is undoubtedly the key to the success of a collaboration. Sunspel and Comme des Garçons offer very good basics essential to the wardrobe of those who want to combine comfort and elegance.

Sunspel and Comme des Garçons have designed t-shirts and underwear that are comfortable to wear every day, but that also have a great deal of attention to detail and aesthetics. Choosing beautiful materials while remaining trendy: this is the successful challenge of this collaboration. To crack on these pieces is to be well in its everyday clothes without making for all that the dead end on the fashion. We tell you more about the alliance of these two big names in fashion.

Chronicle of a successful collaboration

La collection sunspel comme des garçons

The alliance of two emblematic brand

It was a collaboration between Sunspel, the unavoidable English chic brand, and Comme des Garçons, the rebel label that breaks the codes and diktats of the fashion world. It's certainly the meeting of two brands with very different backgrounds, but which are both united by their strong heritage and their common philosophy of timelessness.

Indeed, these two famous brands have emphasized, within their collaboration, the search for quality. A quality declined through worked pieces with a carefully thought-out design. The choice of materials, the importance given to details, are all guarantees of a marked will to bring comfort and trend to men within the same garment.

Since its creation, Sunspel has always favored the choice of noble materials for the pieces in its collections. Thus, very early on, the brand developed its network of imported materials such as Sea Island cotton from the West Indies, which is a very high quality cotton. Sunspel uses it to produce the most luxurious pieces of its collections.

For the record, Sea Island cotton has played an essential role in the history of cotton farming in the United States. In the 19th century, it was considered "the king of known cottons. Sunspel is now taking this major concern for quality into its collection with Comme des Garçons.

Comme des Garçons' work in this collaboration is to bring a subtle nuance of modernity to the timeless pieces from Sunspel. Not too much eccentricity, but just the right amount of trend to give the pieces of this collaboration a "fashion" touch while remaining in a classic style.

The collection Sunspel x Comme des Garçons

tee shirt sunpel comme des garçons

It is around the most emblematic basic pieces of Sunspel as its inevitable t-shirt or its underwear as timeless as indispensable that these two titans of fashion make alliance.

The clothes born from this collaboration have been thought and designed to be both chic and practical. So that the man of today feels good in his basics without neglecting the aesthetic and qualitative aspect of these clothes.

The t-shirts resulting from this collaboration are made in Portugal. They are 100% cotton, with a smooth and discreet collar, perfect details to give a casual chic look. As for the underwear, they are certainly basic but modern and above all strong to last over time. Thus, the briefs are made of light jersey, a material known for its breathable qualities and have a comfortable elastic waistband.

The expert design of Comme des Garçons combined with the superior quality that Sunspel offers in its pieces makes this collaboration eco-responsible. When you buy underwear made in Portugal according to strict specifications, designed in a premium cotton jersey, you're opting for pieces that are fashionable but will easily stand the test of time. You will also find marcels with impeccable cut and fall.

The boxers proposed in the collection are extremely well worked and pleasant to wear: 100% cotton and with a stretch cut, they are absolutely comfortable and some of them have an elegant button placket on the front.

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COMME DES GARÇONS, the must-have

Rei Kawakubo: a unique label

How can we talk about the Sunspel and Comme de Garçons collaborations without a brief overview of these two labels? So first of all, we offer you a quick overview of the history of Comme des Garçons.

Comme des Garçons, more commonly known as CDG, was launched in 1969 by Japanese designer Rei Kawakubo. She started as a freelance stylist at the age of 25. Not finding her happiness in the fashion collections, she then decided to create her own clothes and thus began the adventure of her brand Comme Des Garçons...

collection comme des garçons

The label is a name with a francophone resonance inspired by the famous song of the pop-yéyé period "tous les garçons et les filles" by Françoise Hardy. Through the choice of this name, the creator wants to convey a message: she is not feminist but rather seeks to question the notion of femininity and the clichés attached to it.

Rei Kawakubo does not want to stick to trends. She innovates in the choice of her clothes and proposes a unique style through her collections. The overabundance of black, the asymmetry or the deliberate will to deteriorate certain models by piercing or tearing them are major leitmotivs of her shows.

The Japanese designer very quickly embodies the "anti fashion" figure, the one who is against the trends, who likes to make the beautiful coexist with the ugly and give to this clever mix a new style. Her label was immediately successful and has been growing ever since.

Rei Kawakubo always succeeds in renewing himself and breathing a wind of modernity into his brand. The label knows how to cross fashions without blinking an eye. CDG likes to ally itself with brands that also know how to be timeless. We can therefore understand its collaboration with Sunspel.

A marketing in perpetual renewal

It is notably thanks to his numerous collaborations that the brand became known to the general public and met with immediate enthusiasm. As its increasingly innovative and avant-garde collections and its numerous collaborations with brands that are often unexpected (including Converse's Chuck Taylor All Star, which was offered a seductive revival by the Japanese brand), success is always there and is growing worldwide.

After collaborating with Lacoste and Levi's, in 2008 Rei Kawakubo launched an exclusive collection for H&M stores and opened even more to the general public. CDG has therefore often distinguished itself through its successful collaborations with houses with a heritage steeped in history. Brands with real legitimacy. This collaboration with Sunspel therefore sounded like an obvious choice...

pub comme des garçons

Numerous boutiques of the brand have opened their doors and Comme des Garçons has become a true empire that now includes various franchises including the famous Comme des Garçons PLAY. This emblematic little heart designed by the Polish artist Filip Pagowski has become CDG's most popular sub-brand.

The brand's first boutique was opened on rue Etienne Marcel in 1992. In this first boutique, Rei Kawakubo did not place any mirrors. According to her, the primary purpose of a garment would not be to please or seduce, but rather to make you feel good, that you have self-confidence.

It is thus necessary to note that CDG breaks the codes in its collections but also through its marketing which very often leaves the beaten tracks and wants to be innovative.

SUNSPEL, a timeless and innovative brand

A legitimacy due to its history and philosophy

What has made Sunspel successful? A brand created by Thomas Arthur Hill in 1860 in Nottingham, the label offers clothes with a classic and pure style in noble and qualitative materials.  Thomas Hill's first desire through his clothes was to propose pieces with simple cuts while remaining very qualitative to accompany men in their everyday life.

Sunspel histoire

Sunspel is above all an English brand specialized in the manufacture of underwear and undershirts. Note that it contributed to the introduction of the boxer in the United Kingdom from 1947. And how to talk about Sunspel without evoking this famous anecdote: Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond and Christian Bale who plays Batman in "The Dark Night" both wear Sunspel clothing.

The brand likes to bet on the sobriety of the shades and emphasize classic cuts that give a timeless character to its clothes while remaining resolutely modern. It is moreover this philosophy that Sunspel put forward in its collection with CDG. And if you're not familiar with the name Sunspel, its flagship product is sure to ring a bell.

In the 80's, one of the heavyweights of the textile industry, Levi's, launched an ad that moved all the women in front of their TV screen: we see the sublime model Nick Kamen undressing in the laundry to clean his 501 and waiting for the end of his machine in his underwear.

And the underwear Nick Kamen is wearing is nothing less than Sunspel underwear. Sunspel is a pioneering brand in luxury underwear. Even today, it continues to democratize the boxer shorts around the world by spreading a timeless and elegant image of this essential piece of men's wardrobe. By collaborating with Comme des Garçons, the pieces offered offer the Sunspel know-how, with the added touch of the Japanese label.

Sunspel's key components

Sunspel doesn't focus on fantasy, but on the choice of beautiful materials and finishes to create comfortable, high quality underwear.

Each season the brand offers a wide collection of products that goes beyond underwear: polo shirts (the brand's flagship piece) but also beautiful knitwear, classic coats with a clean and sober cut, as well as a wider range of garments whose production is always carefully studied and mastered. And it is this rigorous choice of materials that we find in the Sunspel and Comme des Garçons collections.

lookbook sunspel

Over the years, Sunspel has become an essential brand in the British market and its collections are widely distributed in France. Whether for a polo shirt, a shirt, a sweatshirt, a t-shirt, a jacket or a hoodie, the brand always offers basic but high-end pieces.

The collaboration between these two emblematic brands could only be a great success and the pieces created a must-have for any man who wants to be both comfortable and classy every day. So, will you let yourself be tempted too?

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