Founded in 1860 by Thomas Arthur Hill in Nottingham, SUNSPEL defends a minimalist and everyday vision of fashion. Stylishly designed clothing that can be worn every day and designed in noble fabrics. A pioneer in the luxury underwear industry, its founder wanted light and soft clothes made of very fine cotton, and he notably participated in the democratization of the boxer in the world. Today SUNSPEL has 5 shops in London, Shoreditch, Soho, Marlybone, Piccadilly and Notting Hill.

The brand dresses the actor Daniel Craig in the James Bond films with the famous Riviera Polo Shirt, a casual and very comfortable piece.

For this new fall / winter 2020 season, the English brand unveils a charming collection. Each piece is distinguished by a beautiful design quality and a unique style. Quite motley, the FW20 Sunspel line integrates both basics with classic cuts, as well as slightly more worked clothes with retro inspirations. Very interesting, this new collection remains faithful to the habits and conceptual precepts of the brand, which aim to offer pure clothes with neat finishes.

Sea Island and Sunspel Cotton, A Common History

More than 160 years that Sunspel exists. A pioneer in the textile industry, the brand has been the source of many innovations. But if there is one area in which it excels, it is in the quality of its designs and collections.

The British brand has always been advertised for its knowledge. A distinction that makes it one of the most appreciated brands in the men's ready-to-wear segment. Would this success have been the same without this original Caribbean fiber?

Indeed, Sea Island cotton and Sunspel have shared a common history for many years now. It is this cotton variety that even inspired the name label created by Thomas Arthur Hill.

Hand cut, this cotton is most refined and exceptional cotton in the world. This variety offers a very long yarn with an extremely fine texture. Very luminous, it is also distinguished by its resistance and its extraordinary softness.

Sunspel x Daniel Craig for a Charismatic James Bond

An unconditional fan of the British brand, Ian Fleming particularly appreciated the pieces made from Sea Island cotton. As true ambassador, he didn't hesitate to dress his famous special agent in the Moonraker, Diamonds Are Forever and On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

2006 is the Sunspel's year consecration.It offers itself a nice publicity in the opus Casino Royal. Daniel Craig then interprets the role of 007 agent and appears with the Riviera range Polo Navy shirt. This range is precisely made of Sea Island cotton. For the occasion, Sunspel made this tailor-made piece, in order to facilitate actor movements during scenes shooting.

These images have surprised the fans saga. So much so, that the brand developed theSunspel James Bond line, which is now registered as a singular collection.

When Sunspel joins forces with the iconic brand Comme des Garçons

The meeting of two brands with such different histories but based on the same desire to offer quality clothing. On the one hand, an ancestral British brand that has evolved over the centuries. On the other, a Japanese label known worldwide for its special touch.

The collaboration between Sunspel and Comme des Garçons has given birth to a collection of underwear and T-shirts that is simple and effective. The materials are, as one would expect, of an extraordinary quality and touch. The collaboration is meant to be useful and enjoyable. It offers pieces to wear every day to combine beauty with comfort.

How Does Sunspel Fit ?

As a leading brand in the British heritage, Sunspel is renowned for producing high quality, timeless and sustainable pieces. The label is a perfect combination of casual, Ivy league and utility style.

Each collection is elaborated from noble materials and benefits from a manufacturing process with unique finishes. So it's good to know how does Sunspel fit in order to get the most understanding offered cuts.

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