Founded in 1860 by Thomas Arthur Hill in Nottingham, SUNSPEL defends a minimalist and everyday vision of fashion. Stylishly designed clothing that can be worn every day and designed in noble fabrics. A pioneer in the luxury underwear industry, its founder wanted light and soft clothes made of very fine cotton, and he notably participated in the democratization of the boxer in the world. Today SUNSPEL has 5 shops in London, Shoreditch, Soho, Marlybone, Piccadilly and Notting Hill.

The brand dresses the actor Daniel Craig in the James Bond films with the famous Riviera Polo Shirt, a casual and very comfortable piece.

For this new spring /summer 19 season, the english brand has focused on the theme of "mini-holidays and long weekends". By offering lightweight polo shirts and a variety of very restrained models, Sunspel reminds us that summer is not so far away. Remaining on its basics like the loopback sweatshirt, the watchwords are "summer and simplicity".

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