Cotton Sea Island and Sunspel, a common history

160 years old, the British house is no longer to be presented. Over the years, Sunspel has maintained its design philosophy and modernized it to become a benchmark in the industry. This longevity is the result of years of research that has allowed it to develop a unique know-how.

If it has positioned itself today as one of the must-have brands in the modern and chic men's wardrobe, it is notably thanks to the many innovations it pioneered, but also its ability to break the codes by continually reinterpreting the men's wardrobe with audacity.

Sunspel has been responsible for several revolution in the ready-to-wear industry, and has shown increased ingenuity throughout its history. In 1800, the brand did not hesitate to reappropriate the t-shirt to make it a luxury garment. Under the aegis of the British workshop, this worker's outfit became an essential part of the men's wardrobe. Other inventions followed, such as the creation in 1947 of a new kind of underwear: the boxer shorts.

More recently, the brand has made a name for itself with its riviera range highlighted through the Sunspel Polo proudly endorsed by Daniel Craig in the James Bond movie Casino Royal.

If there's one area where Sunspel excels, it's in manufacturing, and more specifically in the attention it pays to the finishes of its products. Known for constantly pushing its creative boundaries, Sunspel has a reputation for developing products that are of the highest quality, timeless and durable.

In this exercise, we can naturally evoke the pieces made of sea island cotton. This noble fiber, remains to this day one of the most prized. It is notably at the genesis of the house of Sunspel. That's why we decided to dedicate a special article to it.

Sea Island cotton at the genesis of the Sunspel house

Did you know that Sea Island cotton inspired Thomas Hill Junior to rebrand to Sunspel? In its early years, Sunspel was known as "Thomas A Hill Ltd". In the 20th century, it created Sunspel fabric, which was actually a fabric made from the black seed.

This marketing coup had the gift of intriguing and positioning the British house as a reference. Consumers at that time were literally seduced by this fabric. This success convinced T. Hill Jr. to rename the company Thomas A Hill Ltd as SUNSPEL.

This brand name is inspired by the Caribbean region. A region where sunny and cloudy weather merge. An ideal weather for the cultivation of this fiber known as sea island.

Sea Island cotton used by Sunspel

Sunspel has always favored luxurious designs. Sea Island cotton has always been used in the manufacture of its garments. Historically, the British company was the first brand to introduce this fiber to the textile market.

The flagship material of the collections, the Sea Island cotton used by Sunspel is, as we mentioned, originally from the Caribbean. Hand harvested, this luxurious cotton is one of the finest and most exceptional cotton in the world today.

Its high quality fibers make it so unique. Indeed, the density of this cotton makes it possible to obtain a very long yarn with an extremely fine texture. Very luminous, it is also distinguished by its resistance and its extraordinary softness.

The Sea Island the charming asset of the Sunspel Polo Riviera

A true expert in cotton spinning, Sunspel pieces are uniquely woven. This quality has not escaped the notice of Ian Fleming, novelist and creator of the James Bond saga. A fan of Sea Island cotton, he saw Sunspel as the perfect brand for his secret agent. In his eyes, it perfectly embodies the British style of the famous fictional character.

Sunspel a pledge of authenticity

Please note that all pieces designed in Sea Island cotton are not worth it. Indeed, not all Sea Island cottons have the same characteristics. In other words, they are not all the same.

The Sunspel range of premium cotton yarn, usually produced in Barbados, Jamaica and Antigua, where the tropical climate is ideal for the plant.

The cotton then undergoes an extremely complex weaving process in a Swiss workshop, resulting in a uniquely dense, silky and soft fabric.

Sunspel offers a wide range of products made of Sea Island cotton. Modern and timeless at the same time, it contains pieces with refined finishes that will prove to be a must in your wardrobe.

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