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Size guide: How do Ralph Lauren sneakers fit?

We propose you below a small guide to never make a mistake in the purchase of your future Polo Ralph Lauren sneakers.

After reading in general how the brand's pieces fit, with our article "Size Guide: How to Size Ralph Lauren?", we offer here a more detailed zoom.

We will first return to the beginnings of the brand, followed by a focus on women's sneakers, then another focus on pairs for men. And finally, we'll give you some advice on how to find the right shoes for you.

The beginnings of Ralph Lauren

To give you a brief overview of the trendiest American brand, let's go back to 1967.

At the very beginning of the brand's creation. Ralph was about 20 years old and lived in the Bronx, one day he met Norman Hilton, an investor at the time, who lent him $50,000 to launch his clothing brand.

Since the first line of men's clothing released in 1968, R-L has sought to diversify and produce quality pieces with designs and inspirations as diverse as various. He also opened the first Polo Ralph Lauren store in 1970.

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Over the years, Polo Ralph Lauren has become a major brand. Nowadays, everyone knows Polo Ralph Lauren from their polo shirts, shirts and other chic pieces, but do you also know the sneaker range ?

Sneakers for women

Today, Polo Ralph Lauren is a clothing brand with multiple hats and offers a wide range of sneakers.

For women we find 4 main brands which are : Polo Ralph Lauren, Lauren, Polo Sport, Ralph Lauren Collection.

If we talk about diversity, you can still count no less than 13 different models, some with slip-on, high, low or with a different material.

With prices ranging from 79 € to 500 €, Ralph Lauren pairs are suitable for different budgets from the most modest to the richest, moreover, regarding the sizes, you will have a choice from 4,5 US to 11 US, how not to find the perfect shoes ?

Among the main models we find the Jordyn in slip-On, the Angeline II that will remind you of the famous Alexander Mcqueen as well as the Raina that take their character from your beloved Converses.

Sneakers for men

Let's now focus on sneakers for men. Just like for women, the men's sneakers come from 4 different brands, Polo Ralph Lauren, Polo Sport, RRL and finally Purple Label for the most luxurious pairs.

With 22 different models and prices ranging from 79 € to 165 € and 650 € for the most luxurious, the brand has a wide selection of products. In terms of material, you can find pairs in leather, en canvas, en suede, cowhide and with rubber soles.

Among the different shapes, you can find the Polo Sport range with the Trackster 100, , the joggers which are pairs with more sporty and aggressive designs. Polo Ralph Lauren offers them more classic pairs including Heritages Court II, Spiring or Jermain.

Let's now look at RRL, although this brand offers only a few models such as the Mayport or the New Norfolk for example, these will make you happy for the hottest periods thanks to their canvas construction, witness of a great lightness.

To finish in beauty, let's talk about Purple Label, RL's luxury brand, with very high prices and all-purpose pairs, these stand out thanks to their undeniable quality materials and their Made In Italy production.

With this wide range of choices, there are no more excuses not to put your feet in a warm pair of quality shoes.

How to find the perfect shoes?

Now, let's come to the point, the crucial topic of this guide. How to find your size for your future Ralph Lauren sneakers and at the same time the pair that will match your legs. In good advice, it is important to know your size.

To do this, there are two methods available to you, the first, place your foot in the center of a white sheet of A4 and then mark your heel to your longest toe.

The second method requires the same material, with the difference that you will have to stick your heel against the wall and then go around your foot (insisting on the longest toe) with a pencil. After one of these two operations, measure your footprint from end to end with a ruler.

Once you know your size, you can refer to the table below or go directly to the RL website which offers a tool called True Fit. True Fit allows you to enter your measurements such as your size in cm, your weight in kg and your age.

US 8.5 9 9.5 10 10 10.5 11 11.5
UK 7.5 8 8.5 9 9 9.5 10 10.5
EU 41.5 42 42.5 43 43 43.5 44 44.5
CENTIMÈTRES 27 27.5 28 28.5 29 29 29.5 30

Once this is done, the tool will ask you for other complementary information to match them and finally, display a recommendation as if by a miracle.

The most effective method is to go to a store to try on the pair of your choice in order to get a concrete opinion. A salesman who has the eye will also be able to guide you according to the rendering vis-à-vis your measurements, hips, legs etc. ...

Note also that Ralph Lauren tends to offer a line of sneakers for children including the Bal Bal Harbour model in Slip-On and therefore easy to put on. Expert advice, remember to match the colors of your outfit with that of the pair chosen. And there you have it, a trendy, eye-catching outfit. The loop is complete.

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