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Size guide : How Ralph Lauren's pants fits ?

The Ralph Lauren brand does not lack choice when it comes to pants. The American label has become very popular since its creation in 1967 and now offers a very large line of clothing available at Graduate Store in store or online.

We read, in broad outline with our article "Size Guide: How to Size Ralph Lauren?", how to fit the various iconic pieces of the brand. Here, we offer a more detailed focus.

The jeans are a very important piece for your look, since it allows you to assert your style and character. The Polo Ralph Lauren wardrobe offers several types of jeans to meet all your occasions and clothing expectations. 

Ralph Lauren Jeans

No need to remind you of Ralph Lauren’s love for denim. Truly democratized since the launch of its Polo Western line in 1979, the American label has no shortage of models to offer you through its wide range of denim available in store and in a multitude of cuts, which can adapt to any style.

Jeans Ralf Lorene

Ralph Lauren Pants

Even if denim has a prominent place in the collective image of the pants, however, we must not forget the other models.

For a slightly dressier style, Ralph Lauren also offers chinos. Ideal for a look a little more chic and dressed, the American label does not lack references like the stretch slim chino and colors for this model. No doubt that you will easily find the one that will best bring out the rest of your look.

 However, the American label also offers casual pieces for less strict occasions. The Ralph Lauren joggers will bring you the comfort you need without neglecting its look.

 Staying in a utilitarian aspect, the cargo pants of the American designer have also made a place for themselves. A real alternative between jeans and chino, cargo pants have become more popular in the looks over time and are now a real pillar of the Ralph Lauren catalog. 

All these pieces may have a different cut and color for a different look, but they all have the traditional characteristics of true classics with belt loops and a zipper fly with closure. Sometimes you can find in the stretch pants fabrics made with elastane.


The different cuts of pants

The strong point of Ralph Lauren is that this brand offers a set of choices for all through a large number of cuts that are adapted to the tastes, events and silhouettes of each.

We will see what are the different cuts of Ralph Lauren and what are their specialties.

The Slim fit: It is part of the largest range of pants of the label. This cut offers a slim and contemporary look that can be worn in everyday life by a hip and legs slightly tight.


There are for example the slim stretch chino pants that offer a range of colors, but also the stretch/slim sullivan jeans as well as slim jeans with selvage. As we can see, the slim fit is really versatile by offering chinos that offer a distinguished look, or jeans that bring out a more casual or even streetwear look. Many of these pants offer a cotton and elastane fabric.

The Classic cut : This cut can offer a vintage look depending on your outfit, but mostly casual. The majority of these classic cut pieces are straight jeans with selvage, or low-cut jeans. However, there are classic stretch chino pants with a modern look and Gregory wool twill pants that are wrinkle-free and Italian made.


The Straight Fit : Ralph Lauren’s straight fit pieces can include classic cut pieces such as some denims or chinos. The straight cut offers a worked finish on the piece like Hampton straight jeans.


The skinny cut : This is the most distinguished cut of Ralph Lauren denim pants with a proposal of high-quality cotton fabrics with a tapered silhouette and very slender. That’s why most of the skinny cut models are part of the purple-label range, which is Ralph Lauren’s top of the line.


The straight slim fit: Varick straight slim jeans are the pieces that represent the straight slim fit. This cut offers a new visual that combines the slim and the straight.


Make your own measurements

Now that you’ve chosen the right model with the right fit, it would be a hassle to choose the wrong size that would ruin all your selection efforts.

Your measurements will differ depending on your gender, as women naturally have a larger hip size.

For men, the most important measurements are going to be the waist and inseam.

For the waist measurement, take your tape and measure it at the navel without tightening the tape too much. 

For the inseam measurement, wear your usual shoes. Then measure the length of the desired bottom (more or less at the top of the ankle). Please note that the inseam measurement varies depending on the style of stocking.

                                                                                    Pantalons et Shorts

Tour de Ceinture                                                                     Taille US                               Taille FR
68-72 28 37/38
72-76 29 38/39
76-80 30 39/40
80-84 31 40/41
84-88 32 41/42
88-92 33 42/43
96-96 34 43/44
96-100 36 44/46
100-104 38 46/48
104-108 40 48/50
108-112 42 50/52
112-116 44 52/54
116-120 46 54/56
120-124 48 56/58
124-128 50 58/60

For women, there are two parameters to measure to find the ideal measurement, the hip size and the inseam on some models.

For your hip size, wrap the tape around your hips at the widest point.

 Finally, for the inseam measurement, wear your usual shoes. Then measure your desired pant length. As for men, the inseam measurement varies depending on the style of the bottom.

Tableau comparatif des mesures, en centimètres.
24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32
Tour de Taille 61 63.5 66 68.6 71.1 73.7 76.2 78.7 81.3
Taille Basse 69.9 72.4 74.9 77.5 80 82.6 85.1 88.9 92.7
Hanches 86.4 88.9 91.4 94 96.5 99.1 101.6 105.4 109.2


When it comes to caring for your pants, try to choose hand-washing methods over machine washing to preserve the fabric as best as possible. If you opt for machine washing methods, avoid putting your socks in the dryer afterwards in order to avoid shrinking or damaging the color of the textile and do a standard drying when you take your laundry out of the machine.

If you would like to drop by our store for more personalized advice, we will be happy to help you.

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