Size guide: How to size Ralph Lauren?

1967, creation of Polo Ralph Lauren, the iconic American fashion brand par excellence. It is thanks to Norman Hilton and his loan of €50,000 that Ralph Lauren launched his first brand under the name "Polo". Dissatisfied with the image it projected, he decided shortly after to rename it Polo Ralph Lauren. The rest you all know, he became one of the most influential American designers of his decade and produced countless collections for men, women and children. This is how the history of the polo player brand began.

Today, the brand offers a very wide range of clothing and choosing the right fit for the piece is not always easy. Discover through our 4 articles how polo shirts, sneakers, shirts and other pants at Polo Ralph Lauren are sized.

The symbol of Ralph Lauren: the polo shirt

Only 5 years after the creation of Polo Ralph Lauren, the fashion world will witness the arrival of the icon of the brand: the polo shirt. For the first launch of the polo, Ralph Lauren will produce it in twenty different colors and proudly displaying the famous horse typical of the brand. In our article "Size Guide: How do Ralph Lauren polo shirts fit?", we present the different cuts, fabrics and types of polo shirts that Ralph Lauren offers on its essential.

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differents polo shirtsralph lauren

Sneakers by Ralph Lauren

Today, the fashion world is marked by the trend "sneakers", shoe brands offer exclusive models in collaboration with brands and that are snatched at a premium. However, let's refocus on the basics, the love of a good pair of shoes that we will use in everyday life. In our article "Size guide: How do Ralph Lauren sneakers fit?", we trace the different models of shoes that the brand puts forward, with prices sometimes ranging from simple to double.

back of Ralph Lauren sneakers

It is sometimes difficult to stop on a model, therefore, let us guide you in your purchases. Whether for men, women or children Polo Ralph Lauren offers models for every generation.

Ralph Lauren shirts

Among the most iconic pieces of the men's wardrobe, we find the shirt at the top of the list. Since its creation in 1871, the shirt has established itself as a strong and timeless piece. Today, it is subject to many interpretations and reappropriations, changing the mode of closure, its collar, sleeves, colors, fabrics, etc.

In addition to the shirt, you'll find all our tips on the article "Recognizing A Real Polo Ralph Lauren Sweater", which goes back to another classic of the brand's clothes, and tells you everything not to be fooled by forgers.

Oxford shirt by Polo Ralph Lauren

In our article "Size guide: How do Ralph Lauren shirts fit?", we tackle this monument of fashion. We will present the different cuts that the brand offers, passing by the sizes and to finish on our best tips to take the measurements of your hips, sleeves and chest.

Polo Ralph Lauren's pants line

How to dress properly without using pants? I ask you. Even though this piece is extremely old by history, it was only formally adopted in 1830. Nowadays, the pants are very often characterized by its materials of manufacture, its cuts.

pants Ralph Lauren

Thanks to our article "Size Guide: How do Ralph Lauren pants fit?", we present the sizes and cuts of Ralph Lauren pants from jeans to chino. This guide will be an ally of choice to accompany you during the purchase of pants from the brand with the little horse, whether it is a chino, jeans or other.

Ralph Lauren size large or small?

Through these 4 different guides that we put at your disposal, we strive to bring you the best information to make your life easier when shopping. But all the work is not yet chewed up, Ralph Lauren being a brand straight from the United States, the zizing is something complicated to appropriate. Most of our team will have a very slight tendency to say that the brand with the little horse is a little big. Nevertheless, it is always complicated to say that a brand is big or not because the way of wearing the garment is very personal and it will vary according to each person. If you want to have space in your suit take your usual size but if you are looking for a more fitted side then take the size below.

Each article will give you a history of the cuts offered by the brand while guiding you during the taking of your measurements, with the help of a comparison chart. Note that to look good in your outfit, it is important to take into account different elements, the material you want to wear, the shape of the piece and the difference in color between your pieces, thanks to this you will be able to make complete outfits and thus stand out in a crowd.

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