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Size guide: how do Ralph Lauren shirts fit ?

There are complicated things in life. What was there before the big bang, was Einstein wrong about something, how to avoid cat hair, but most of all how to find a Polo Ralph Lauren shirt in your size?

We have already written a small article that returns to the generalities of the brand, namely the "Size Guide: How to Size Ralph Lauren?", and here we offer you a little more detailed focus on this iconic piece of the brand.

But rest assured, with our article below you will know all about it. From the famous classic, custom and fit cuts, to a guide to take your own measurements to get the perfect shirt size.

Ralph Lauren shirts

No other brand symbolizes the “American Dream” more than Ralph Lauren. It all started with wide ties in 1967 when he opened his first store under the Polo brand. It was not until several years later, in 1971, that he created his first Oxford shirt for women.

It is thanks to this first piece that we find the mythical pony on the chest of different clothes.

You can find all our Polo Ralph Lauren shirts on our shop, to discover all the pieces adorning the famous pony. 

The Oxford was the main material of several creations of Ralph Lauren such as its countless variants of the oxford shirt, the Big Oxford of 1999, but also full suits. Today, there are several fabrics for Ralph Lauren shirts: linen, twill, seersucker, chambray, poplin…

And in addition to our tips on shirts, find more on shoes. We invite you to read our "Size Guide: How Do Ralph Lauren Sneakers Fit?"

Once you have found the ideal material for your shirt, let our advice guide you in selecting, in addition to the right fabrics, the right cut to best embellish the logo of the American label.


Custom fit shirts

The custom fit is a mix between the Classic Fit and the Slim Fit. For men, your shirt will be adjusted at the waist level taking advantage of an increased comfort in order to be free of your movements while keeping a more structured silhouette.

For you ladies, this cut is a slim fit that brings out your silhouette, offering a perfect balance between comfort and glamorous style.

This shirt will be ideal to wear for an event or in a professional environment on a daily basis.

When adding to your cart, we recommend that you take your usual size, which will fit without worry.


Classic fit shirts

The classic fit shirt for men is a regular fit. It brings a fuller silhouette with wider sleeves, adapting to all morphologies. It is the most interesting model for daily use and comfortable for city outings or casual occasions. A pair of pants and classic shoes will go well with this cut.

For you ladies, this cut is a very casual straight shirt for all body types. They often have lighter and more original patterns. It is a perfect fit for everyday activities, but also for the professional environment.

When adding to your cart, we recommend that you take your usual size, but if you have time to take your measurements, the last paragraph of this article will help you.


The slim fit shirts

The slim fit shirt is the slimmest fit and close to the body. It will also be the cut that will put you forward with its fitted sleeves and high armholes, it will be the perfect model for your business meetings.

Ralph Lauren Shirt

For women, this cut is also quite fitted with narrow shoulders, it will be perfect for formal occasions by tucking the shirt into the pants, but also for more casual occasions by leaving it out.

We recommend going up a size. However, if you have the possibility to take your own measurements, do not hesitate to refer to our last paragraph to help you.


The Different Types of Shirts

Polo Ralph Lauren offers two types of shirts, casual and formal. Indeed, the shirt is a garment that can lend itself to any occasion, however, you must be careful to choose the right type of shirt according.

Casual shirts are ideal for evening or everyday looks. They are perfect for keeping a chic look without neglecting comfort. With casual shirts, you can choose any color you want as long as it matches the rest of your look, whether it’s your coat, jacket, sweaters or even your shoes.

Ralph Lauren formal shirts are more sophisticated with a closer fit. They are perfect for formal occasions and pair perfectly with suits for a chic and effective look. Choose a sober and basic color such as white or white to easily accompany a suit. It is also possible to wear these shirts over sweaters and under a jacket or coat.


Hand Measuring Guide

Now that you know all about the Ralph Lauren shirt and have found the right one for you, all you need to do is select the perfect fit! Grab your tape measure and start measuring with as little clothing as possible to get the most accurate measurements.

You will need to measure four different parts of your body in order to select your ideal fit via the chart below.

For the neck, place your tape measure at the Adam’s apple and walk around your neck. Slide your index finger between the tape measure and your neck to get a comfortable fit.

For the chest, wrap your tape measure around the widest part of your chest and around your shoulder blades. Don’t forget to lower your arms once the tape is passed to get the most accurate measurement.

For the sleeve length, it’s a little more complicated. Place your hand on your hip and bend your arm to form a 90-degree angle. Start your measurement from the middle of the neck, across the shoulder and down the arm to the wrist, where you want your sleeve to end.

Finally, measure your waistline at the navel.

Now that you have all our tips and measurements, all you have to do is find your perfect shirt fit via the chart.

Comparative table of measurements, in centimeters.

Chest 78.7-86.94 88.9-94 96.5-101.6 106.7-114.3 116.8-121.9 124.5-132.1
Neck 35.6 35.6-36.8 38.1-39.4 40.6-41.9 43.2-44.5 45.7-47
Sleeve 81.3-82.6 81.3-83.8 86.4-88.9 88.9-91.4 91.4-94 94-96.5
Waist 66-71.1 71.1-76.2 78.7-86.4 88.9-96.5 101.6-106.7 109.2-114.3

Ralph Lauren shirt size large or small?

This is a very difficult question that we have. But difficult does not mean impossible, so we will bring you some information on this subject. It is important to keep in mind that the brand with the small horse comes straight from the United States, therefore the basic cuts and sizes of people are more imposing.

Don't worry, every problem has its solution. A shirt is an important piece, so choose a cut that suits you. If you prefer to have some space between you and your clothes take your normal size, however if you want to be a little more body fitting then a size down may be a good option.

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