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AMI Paris is a French clothing brand founded in October 2010 by Alexandre Mattiussi , who is also the artistic director. The name "Ami" takes the initials and the last letter of the founder's...
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AMI Paris is a French clothing brand founded in October 2010 by Alexandre Mattiussi, who is also the artistic director. The name "Ami" takes the initials and the last letter of the founder's name and refers to the notion of friendship, one of the foundations of Ami Paris. Since its inception, the brand has rapidly evolved to become one of the most popular clothing brands in France and around the world.

In December 2012, the brand opened its first clothing boutique in Paris, valuing Parisian fashion and spirit. In 2013, Ami won the ANDAM award, a prestigious French fashion award. In 2016, founder Alexandre Mattiussi was elected as a new member of the Chambre Syndicale de la Mode Masculine, a recognition of his talent and influence in the fashion world. Today, the Ami Paris brand has 380 points of sale worldwide, three boutiques in Paris, one boutique in London, one in Tokyo and two in China. The brand collaborates with 80 employees and presents four collections per year: fall, winter, spring and summer.

The AMI PARIS brand is now very diversified, ranging from t-shirts, to sweaters, shirts,sweatshirts... All pieces are branded with their world-famous logo, the red Ami Paris heart.

Who is Alexandre Mattiussi?

Alexandre Mattiussi was born in Normandy in 1980, as a child, he dreamed of being a professional classical dancer, which was not common for a young boy of barely 4 years old who was amazed by Swan Lake, we could then already understand that Alexandre Mattiussi had a real artistic side, which he was then able to develop in adulthood not really in dance, but by creating his own brand Ami Paris which now enjoys a worldwide success. To find out more, take a look at our article AMI by Alexandre Mattiussi.

About the AMI PARIS t-shirts in our men's wardrobe available in the store

AMI Paris t-shirts are known for their quality, comfort and timeless style. Made from high quality cotton, they are soft and comfortable to wear. AMI Paris t-shirts come in a variety of colors and cuts to suit every need and style. 

The brand's most popular styles include the classic short sleeve t-shirt, round neck t-shirt, v-neck t-shirt and long sleeve t-shirt. The t-shirts also come in different prints and patterns, such as stripes, checks, polka dots, graphic prints and branded prints. 

AMI Paris t-shirts are also equipped with practical details such as reinforced seams, comfortable labels on the inside and neat finishes to ensure a long life. Discover all the details of the brand's collections in our article Les Saisons et Collections Ami Paris and immerse yourself in the world of this red-hearted brand.

How to size the brand Ami Paris on its t shirts 

The Ami Paris brand is quite simple in its t-shirt sizes and in its products in general, so it's advisable to simply take your size whether you're a man or a woman. Some t-shirts may seem a little big to you, but that's the way they're cut (oversize), which favors wearer comfort and a more relaxed style. If you're still unsure, take a look at our article "How does AMI Paris fit ?" Otherwise, for a given product, all sizes available on the site are also available in store, so come and try for yourself! And for the more nostalgic among you, some ami paris outlet tee shirts are also waiting for you.

How to wash your Ami Paris t-shirt like a chef 

To be sure to have an ami paris t-shirt that lasts, it is recommended to use some washing techniques:

  • Firstly, it is important to turn your t-shirt inside out before washing so as not to damage the outside of the product.
  • For the temperature, it is necessary to select 30°C maximum in short cycle.
  • Finally, to dry it, it is not recommended to use the dryer, opt instead for a classic drying without putting it in the sun.

How to choose your AMI PARIS t-shirt 

Despite the fact that we're a men's wardrobe, most t-shirts and garments are equally suitable for women. It all depends on the desired effect: oversize or more fitted, short or long sleeves, black or white. To find out more, read our article "AMI, L'homme pour la femme".

The Ami de coeur t-shirt 

The Ami de coeur t-shirt is a model is made from 100% organic cotton. The cut is oversized and the sleeves wide. We find the logo embroidered in chain stitch on the chest and a typography at the neck.

The Tonal big friend of heart t-shirt

The Tonal big heart friend t-shirt looks like its little brother, but the main difference is the logo which is much larger for this piece, you see which you prefer between the two models!

The Ami france patch tee shirt 

The Ami France patch tee shirt, this AMI Paris tee shirt, made in Portugal, differs from the others by putting more of the brand's friendly heart logo ahead as a patch on the chest.

Want more from the Ami paris brand? 

Don't worry, Ami shirts, socks, pants and knitted sweater are also available on our website or directly in store. And for an impeccable red heart style, a "How to wear the AMI sweater" article is now available on our blog.