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How to Wear the AMI Sweater

The Parisian label AMI, in addition to distinguishing itself with its high quality shirts, also stands out with its unique sweaters that will each bring their own style to your looks. Of course, it is important to know how do AMI Paris clothes fit before knowing which sweater to choose.

There are two main models in the French designer's collection, the knitted sweaters and the more contemporary crewnecks.

How to wear an AMI Paris sweater?

The mesh of the designer Alexandre Mattiussi is the perfect representation of his inspirations. The Parisian style is in style with very sober, effective pieces, with colors that will delight everyone.

But surely you must be wondering how to display these beautiful pieces? There is not necessarily a predefined look, you just have to be both creative and measured! You can simply opt for a knit/jean combo, very effective, this combination will be perfect to bring out the unique signature of AMI sweaters.

To bring a touch of class, you can wear a shirt underneath your sweater, but make sure you don't make the collar of the coin stick out! Besides being unpleasant, this will give you a baggy and "badly dressed" effect, exactly the opposite of what you are looking for. To do this, there are AMI shirts with buttoned collars, which keep them straight. These are the dream pieces.

The same goes for a polo shirt, whatever the color combination, be careful not to make the collar protrude!

How to wear an AMI sweatshirt?

The AMI sweatshirt is an essential piece of contemporary fashion. It allows you to wear a comfortable look while bringing the unique signature of each designer. There are of course several types of pieces, there are two main ones. The crewneck, with round collar and the hoodie, also called hoodie.

At the Parisian label, sweatshirts bring everything. In addition to being comfortable clothes, they bring a unique style that is neither overdressed nor underdressed. It represents a perfect balance. To match your AMI sweatshirt, there's nothing like a nice pair of shoes with a pair of pants from the same brand. What's more, you'll find all our advice in the article How to choose your AMI Pants, the dilemma between comfort and class will be a distant memory.

Ami zip sweater

The association of the AMI Paris hoodie that comes to mind most quickly is undoubtedly the wearing of the cap. The rendering works easily and it's quite complicated to miss. Designer Alexandre Matiussi offers us a selection of embroidered caps that will be perfect to go with their AMI de Coeur hoodies, ensuring a classy streetwear look.

When it comes to round-neck sweatshirts, the possible looks are incalculable. You can combine it with any pair of trousers, from simple jeans to corduroy pants and even jogging pants.

Of course, AMI shirts are a great asset. Just like knitwear, if you choose to combine these two pieces, you must be careful not to make the collar of the shirt protrude to ensure a neat style whatever the conditions.

What should I wear with an AMI Paris sweater?

The black ami de cœur sweatshirt, just perfect

For a contemporary look that goes everywhere, we advise you to combine the simple Pull col rond ami de cœur Noir with a denim canvas. The jean carrot fit Bleu neige is fully adapted, its very contrasting color will complete it perfectly. You can then opt for a simple pair of Converse or opt for the beautiful New Balance mlc100jb wek101 Black. This outfit will be perfect to accompany you in your everyday life !

The Ecru ami de cœur hoodie, more original

If you prefer tops with lighter tones, the Hoodie ami de cœur Ecru is for you! Worn with the Chino carotte oversize Argile, it will reveal its full potential and will place itself as the centerpiece of your outfit. In terms of accessories, you can opt for the Casquette patch ami Vanille if you wish to stay in the same outfit. On light colors, but you can also choose the contrast with the Casquette patch ami Noir which is still easier to carry. As far as sneakers go, you're pretty free. Of course, the Tiger horizonia Peacoat polar shade from Asics remain a reference. But for more creativity, the Converse Ctas 70’s ox Egret/obsidian will be perfect!

Find out more about the famous brand's collections in our article Seasons and collections Ami Paris, where you'll no doubt be able to find certain pieces in our Ami Paris outlet selection. The company with the red heart will no longer hold any secrets for you.

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