Converse x China Town Market

Converse x China Town Market

Every year, Converse offers new colours and new editions for its flagship pair, the American company pushes its limits by collaborating with the artist Joshua Vides and the Chinatown Market. As we said in another article, Converse is also more like a century of collaborations. The main idea of the Converse x China Town Market is to go beyond a simple colour for this mythical pair of shoes that is the Chuck Taylor. The rod is made of fabrics infused in a liquid that reacts to UV rays (rays produced by the sun or by lamps with ultraviolet reflections).

Converse is a shoe brand created in 1908 by Marquis Mills. We owe him in particular the mythical Chuck Taylor pair in 21, the best-selling sneaker model still sold today. As for him, the Chinatown Market was created by Mike Cherman, at the base, he sold t-shirts in the trunk of his car, his rise was such that now the store is located in Los Angeles. Today, the Chinatown Market stands out for its desire to produce universal parts, accepted by all, worn by all...

When you buy, you receive a completely white shoe. The colours of the fabrics are placed asymmetrically, so a shoe cannot be coloured in only one colour, making each combination unique.

Each pair of shoes will be coloured in a different way when exposed to the sun, it will turn white again when placed in a place without sun. However, it should be noted that after 8 hours of exposure, the color will remain fixed and it will then be impossible to change it.

But in addition to this unusual pair, Converse adds a pack that allows us to see another reinterpretation of the American brand's identity shoe. You can see on the canvas an inscription "not a Chuck", with a handwriting effect. Anyone is able to make this model of the shoe, that was the objective desired by this edition.

It is also possible for this other reinterpretation to unhook the fabric via velcro, it is "a hymn to DIY decoration and to the notion that a mandrel is defined only by the wearer" for Nike.

With these two pairs, Converse and Chinatown Market hit the table hard, their shoes have everything to become invaluable objects, each one is unique, so it will not be uncommon to see some pairs stand out from others, which will increase its value. It should also be noted that the pair is available in both its rising and low editions.

When they were released, the shoes were sold for $100 for the rising edition and $95 for the low edition.

To sum up, Converse wanted to take its concept of Chuck Taylor editions even further. The legendary American brand, along with Chinatown Market, has completely revisited its model, offering a unique pair for each person. The process is also very original, making this pair extremely unique for its price, it is undoubtedly one of the most important releases of Converse in this year 2019.

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